Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lexi Turns Five!

April 27, 2008 was Lexi's fifth birthday! Hooray for Lexi! She was princess for the day, complete with scepter and crown. Well, at least a wand and a tiara. She was really more interested in playing with cousins that standing still for silly pictures. Note the look on Ella's face as she gazes up to her big sister. ;-)

And of course, there were presents. I am trying to help Lexi read one of her cards in this picture.

We spent the afternoon with the family out at Grandma Pam's house in Kanarraville, where we had dinner, ice cream cake and lots of fun and games in the back yard.

Here's a cute shot of Seth and Braeden enjoying their cake and ice cream in the gazebo.

The swings were the most fun. Here's Lexi, Caroline and the rest of the kids

Gail took the cute shot of baby Ella enjoying her first ride in the swing. She's so smiley!

The boys had a nice time just relaxing in the warm sun. Quite a contrast from a month later (today) when it's snowing on the mountain and we're covering our tomato plants to keep them from freezing! brrr But April 27 was VERY nice!

Every body get Braeden!

The trouble is, Braeden can get you BACK, Uncle Eric!! Ha HA!


Suzanne said...

Happy birthday, Lexi! I can't wait to have them so near us!

Donna said...

Ella looks like such the happy baby :o)

Can't wait to see her in person... last time I saw Tandy she was pg with Ella... it's been a while!!