Thursday, May 22, 2008

Family Time!

We had a fun time in April because nearly ALL of the kids were gathered together. We were only missing Damian and Casey, so that wasn't too bad. Katie was here for a baby shower and it happened to be Lexi's birthday that weekend, too! It was a fun time. Here's a group just gathered in the living room hangin' out.

Katie felt like she needed to ELEVATE. Probably a good idea.

Guess what Caroline learned to do that weekend? Ride without training wheels! You can certainly see how pleased she is with her new skill!

Caroline also has excellent READING skills, demonstrated here as she reads to Lexi. She really reads, too. She just finished Kindergarten.

My family is kind of weird in that they can't be satisfied with just spraying an ant nest with poison and letting them die. Noooo, they have to set them aflame, too! Weird. It's not just Mike, however. Notice how Katie is there, recording it on film. It's not like you could hear them (the ants) screaming or anything. But it IS a tad morbid, if you ask me.

PLAY BALL! In the afternoon, the back yard is a great place to try out a new baseball and bat, especially with Katie there to pitch the balls.



Braeden. You gotta watch out when that kid gets a bat in his hand. He can really WHACK it!

So cute. But duck. Really. He hits HARD.


Hali said...

Fun times with the Liebhardts! Thanks for sharing

Suzanne said...

I had to laugh at the fire set to the ant nest. That's something Kirk would do in a heartbeat. I always told him he was the only one to think of such weird things, but I guess not! Good to know there are other loonies out there. Ha!

Donna said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all - wish I still lived close!!! Maybe we'll have that mini vacation in June after all if I can find a ticket for Mom and the girls!!