Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Grand Baby #5

Here's Hayden James Rossman.
He was born to Katie and Casey on Friday, June 20 at 9:52 pm. He weighed 8 pounds, 10 ounces and is 19 1/2 inches long. He is a cutie-pie!
I wish I could include the video of him coming out of the delivery room in his little bassinet, screaming his head off. Mommy and Baby are doing well, though Katie is quite sore from the C-section. They gave it a good try and Hayden had a cone head to prove it. I didn't include any of those pictures. Casey has his own website with pictures. The website is

This is a cute one of Mike kissing little Hayden in the hospital before they came home. They came home on Monday.

And one of grandma and grandpa together with baby. Again, still in the hospital. His cone head was gone by the next day. Totally!

I took this picture of him today, Wednesday the 25th. He's very alert and calm. He does cry, but not for long. (usually) He and Katie are getting the hang of the nursing routine. And he sleeps for quite a bit at at time, which makes it very nice for Katie so she can sleep and rest and relax.

The swing seems to be a comfy spot for him, even with it being still. It's snuggly, like Mom and Dad's arms.

And now for the weather. ha. Wildfires all over northern California have affected the air quality in the Reno basin. You can see how smokey it is. I haven't been out walking since this happened. Icky. So we all stay inside out of the smokey air and enjoy the air-conditioned comfort of their nice home. One view is looking toward downtown, only you can't see down town at all. The other view of houses on the ridge in the back, it's smokey, but you should be able to see other mountain ridges behind that one. We can barely see the first.
Oh, Katie and Casey's two little dogs are starting to get used to the baby. I, however, will not tolerate them sleeping in MY BED! Goofy doggies.


Suzanne said...

So darling! You're such great grandparents to be there from the get go too. Special memories being made. Congrats!

TRECIA said...

Congrats to the proud Grandma & Grandpa! It is good to hear that everything went ok for mom and baby.
But how scary with the fires AGAIN!

Hali said...

Congratulations Grandma Linda! He is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I hope you enjoy your time with the new mommy and that sweet grandbaby.

Anonymous said...

Yay for babies!
Thanks for sharing, mom!

Mom said...

Oh, such a darling baby! And, so nice that you could spend some time with them. By the way, Katie looks exactly like YOU, Linda! I didn't realize how much till I saw that picture of her with the baby. :-) Love, Aunt T