Saturday, May 2, 2009

Easter and STUFF

My Kiddos. All of them in one house at one time. Temecula, Easter Weekend, April 2009
And the whole Gang.

Fun Stuff--Like DISNEYLAND! YAY! Can you say super fun month? We made three trips to California (well, I did) in less than one month's time, I believe. A very short time, anyway. The last one was posted previously, when it was just a short trip, Mike went Roller Coastering with his brother and nephew. Then we went there, the WHOLE GANG of us for Easter with Damian and Tandy and Family. And they had 16 people all under one roof, and all in beds and comfortable and well-fed. Easter Egg hunts, pool time, Just a really great time. Mike, Eric and I went down on Wednesday before Easter and watched kids that evening while Damian and Tandy went to the temple. Thursday, we had more family there. ALL of my family was there under one roof. It was wonderful. (Add Tandy's mom, Pam, and that's why there were 16 instead of 15). Tandy had to really work hard to orchestrate all those meals. We had cool weather on Saturday, but had a nice inside/outside meal and egg hunt. Katie and Casey and Hayden headed back home after that evening. The rest of us stayed until Sunday. Mike and Nick went home Sunday at noon, as they both had work/school on Monday. Gail, Seth, Caroline and I headed back on Monday. We stopped on the way home to Cedar City in Highland, CA to visit my cousin Janey very briefly. I just went in for a short visit. She's been failing fast, so I'm glad I took the time to do that. We were able to have a conversation, and it was nice to see her. (See Cousin Suz's blog for more information on cousin Janey, and past All Girl's Weekend Photos--she's always been there!)

Time enough to kind of just start to get caught up at work, make an attempt to have book group (failed), then I headed out of town again! April 22, 23, 24 was our annual Utah Library Association conference in SLC. I went up Wednesday and stayed all three days. Experienced "Gilgal Garden," in SLC. That was new and interesting. I didn't take a camera. I had partial responsibility for one of the presentations. That was new (no pictures. ha). We have some folks signed up for the Certificate program I've been helping to re-vamp and resurrect. That's been interesting (and very time consuming). And I went all ga-ga over "local Cedar City Girl became famous" and got to visit with Allyson Braithwaite Condie. How was I supposed to know she is now a published author of YA Mormon fiction? I know her family and she went to school with my kids, ran cross country. So I splurged and bought all three of her Deseret Book published items, she signed them. and they were read within a few days. Fun reads. New genre for me. Cute stuff. You know they are good when I can stay up to read until 2:00 a.m. Unlike scriptures when I might last until about, oh... 10:35 p.m. MAX! ha. (So much for MY spirituality!)

Drove home from SLC (Thanks to Mike's sister, Gayela, for allowing me to stay at her house those two nights!) and I had time to un-pack my business professional clothes from the conference and RE-PACK for yet another weekend of family fun. The other grandma was leaving early on Saturday morning for So. Cal. I mean really early. So I just went to Kanarraville and had a sleep over with Pam at her house so we could get an early start. I did get to visit with Mike for about 15 minutes before leaving. And Pam and I made good time, no traffic to speak of. We got to Temecula and she took off for Camp Pendleton with those guys and I had time to catch a little nap, a shower, and then left with my cousin Suz for the Spring Fling in Yucaipa at Ken and Geri's house. I'd never been there before, so it was really nice of Kirk and Suz to take me along. It was a surprise, and fun to surprise Aunt Maureen and others. What a fun visit. Some cousins took the opportunity to drive over to Janey's house. She's doing more poorly than she was 2 weeks ago when I was there--nearly comatose and not much response. Geri and Ken are wonderful hosts and we had such a fun time visiting and playing. I played UNO with some very competitive folks! ha. And badminton where a volley of four hits is a SMASH and highlight-Thanks Justin and Jill and Gina! They were good sports to let the old lady play.

When I get the ceramic poodle out and give it shower, a new bow, I'll take a picture and post it for any interested cousins. And Tandy, Kate and Gail, would you/could you take a picture of that framed Great Grandma Sorensen music you got for Christmas? And what I put on the back? I'll try to post other pictures, too. Don't know what I can find on the computer right now. Eric downloaded for me, and I always struggle with the picture part of posts.

That was just Saturday! Sunday was Church. That was nice. Pretty soon they won't think of us as visitors any more. But MONDAY---Lexi's 6th birthday!! YAY Disneyland Day. But not until after Kindergarten, treats to share, a dead battery in the van and a MASSIVE traffic jam on the 91. Youch. That was the worst--especially when you are 6, it's your birthday and you have to go potty! But she made it. We all did. Grandmas have found that we are lacking the young mother "baby hauling" muscles. Pam and I were both so stiff and sore after all those long lines and entertaining little ones. Lexi proclaimed it the "Best Birthday EVER!" Sweetie pie! We really did have a great time.

And Tuesday was the drive home with Pam. Another un-eventful drive through the deserts and we just LOVE that! Home at a decent hour and time to face the real world again. I need a vacation to recuperate from my vacation!
Easter Weekend. Seth trying on Damian's body armor. Just PART of it, mind you. There's way more stuff he has to carry around.

And here's Nick with more.

Why do you suppose Eric is offering candy to the children? We don't know, but Nick thought it looked sufficiently creepy to take of picture. Strange children.

Avery Sumida (Cousin Suz's gal), Caroline, Lexi. They ALL THREE have a snaggle-tooth on their upper teeth! Danglers, all.

Mike and Hayden. Easter Weekend, 2009

One day we went to Professor Penny Pickle's Children's museum. Here's Braeden in the hot air balloon. This was a REALLY fun place for kids of all ages.

Caroline, Gail and I are inside a KALEIDISCOPE!

Saturday morning, dancing to Disney music in our Jammies! Fun!

Uncle Seth has a captive audience while reading to all the kids.

Busy Easter Cookie Decorators

Or eaters?????

Saturday afternoon egg hunt. Katie and Hayden


Olivia and Jillian Gardner, Mike's grand-nieces. Archi and Ellen (Gayela's son) lived nearby until this past week. They have since moved back east. They were here for the dinner and egg hunt.

I've never seen a baby keep his sunglasses on, but Hayden does!

The egg hunt was EXHAUSTING! At least, it seemed that way to Nick and Casey, so they needed a rest. Or are they actually cuddling there on the family room floor? You be the judge!! ha!

Hayden's favorite thing? The empty eggs! He played with those for 45 minutes!

Yes, we had to line up, in the garage, in order, to get our food. But it really worked out well. And it was well worth it! See next picture.

The loverly spread on Saturday afternoon for the family feast.

Braeden with Chalk, Seth on a trike.

Some silly backyard fun. We drained the water heater with the hose to fill the wading pool, and NObody expected Damian to jump in--But he did!

And, last but not least, Happy Birthday to the two Tax Day babies, Seth and Katie. Blowing out candles on their birthday brownies. (Their birthdays are on April 15, four years apart.)

Hope you enjoyed the show. Those are just a few of the pictures that I took at Easter. Gail and Tandy have even more that I've not even looked at yet! I guess Disneyland will come later--something to look forward to. It may take me another month or so to get to it--this took over an hour to do...ugh! I hate doing photos on these blog sites, but it's just not as fun without pictures.


Suzanne said...

Yep, you're right. You MUST put pictures. They're worth a thousand words, I'm told. :-) I love that you came so much this past month. Got to see you twice. Lucky me! You must come back again very soon. :-)

Donna said...

yeah fun!!! Wish I had fun stuff to report.... we just hang out and work in the yard...

Hali said...

Look at you GO! And go, and go, and go... energizer bunny?!? [Bunnies are Easter-ish ;-)]

Easter and "stuff" looks like loads of fun. Glad you got to see all the kiddos.

Hope you had fun at the happy place! (And yes... I, too, want to see pics)