Sunday, May 2, 2010

But Wait! There's MORE!

I ran across some more photos from China! I don't know where they were hiding on my camera or on the computer, but I was glad to find them. The first day we were in Beijing and it was so cold, our first stop was the Temple of Heaven. My camera was so cold that it stopped working for a while, I guess, so I just quit taking pictures. ("Whew!" my reading public is saying)
So here are some shots of my first day in China at the "Temple of Heaven" in Beijing. Above is just some pretty statue/god things on the edges of the roofs.
This is looking up the stairs to the main building. Below is the view from the top of the stairs of the rest of the courtyard area and buildings. One on the right,
One on the left,
And one in the center. And, yeah, it was COLD! This is where I left Berenice at the bottom of the stairs (which she does not enjoy climbing) in a sunny spot out of the wind.
Below is a shot of the inside of this round building. There were large--no, HUGE--pillars within and they were highly decorated. I believe the guide said they were wood. Those were some big trees they used to make those pillars!
Here's Suzette taking a photo. Notice the pretty green tiles on the roof. And the snow and ice all over the ground. One of my friends has been here and she asked if we stood in the center of the courtyard to see...something or other. I don't recall. Well, the center of the courtyard was covered in snow. So, no, we didn't get to see that something.
Walking into the place, we had to pass through a park. The trees are planted in rows in some areas. It was crowded.
The trees were still snow-covered from the previous day's snow storm. And it was windy, too. Brrrr.
These are people just dancing a waltz in the park together. They do like to entertain themselves. We saw folks doing Tai Chi in the park, too. That was fun. In another place, we saw them gathered to sing.
And now THAT concludes my trip narrative. I already ordered the print of my Blog, AND photos, so when memory fails, I'll have a record of this great adventure. And memory DOES fail, folks!

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