Sunday, May 2, 2010

Congratulations to Nick!

Congratulations to Nick! He graduated this past weekend with his Bachelor of Science degree from SUU. He doesn't feel like he's's off to graduate school for him. But we are very proud--er, I mean --WELL-PLEASED with our son.

Graduation was a two day affair this year. On Friday, April 29, they had a main Commencement ceremony in the Centrum with all the graduates marching in (via the Carter Carrillon--a new tradition). Senator Robert (Bob) Bennett was the speaker, they awarded honorary degrees, etc. It was a cold and blustery day, it was snowing all morning with bits of blue sky here and there. By 3 pm when the graduates were scheduled to begin lining up outside for the march across campus, it was still spitting snow now and again. No-one got soaked, but they were ALL cold! I told my graduating students to wear their thermals. ha.

Here's Nick, getting ready to line up. He actually ended up being the first in his college when they marched into the Centrum. Unfortunately, we were on the other side of the arena, so I didn't get any good pictures on the inside.

Nick, one of his Sigma Chi buddies, and down the line farther is Jamie, one of my student workers. She got all sorts of top honors and was the speaker in Saturday's Convocation in the College of Science. (Yes, I do try to hire smart students. And I'm usually successful!--so are they.)
One shot of the interior of the Centrum. He's down there. I actually texted him to let him know where Mike and I were sitting.
After the Commencement Ceremony, we all headed over to the Garden House for dinner. Here is Nick STUDYing the menu.
And it was a small group. Just the immediate family who was in town. Seth came and went before I snapped the picture.
And Jonathan was there, too.
THEN, on Saturday at 12:30, we headed back over to the Centrum for the NEXT ceremony-- The College of Science Convocation and awarding of diplomas for the graduates. This is where they read the names, and they walk across the stage. And you know, the audience did a much better job than in years past about being boisterous and rude and noisy and disruptive. (Yes, sometimes they really get out of hand at these things.) But this one maintained some decorum. Even Jonathan. ;-)

Here he is walking in, past all the instructors, on the way to his seat.
After the speeches, etc. they lined up to proceed across the stage. And we were in the right spot! Second row from the floor and I could actually see the whites of his eyes. ha. Only I forgot to edit before posting, so you get to see the RED of his eyes. Sorry.

He did have his name called, walked across, received the diploma (cover), shook hands with every one and went back to his seat. No mishaps for ANYone! Amazing. I guess I'm used to crazy high schoolers or something. Below is Jonathan. He had come to the end of his being patient and was so happy to be clapping and cheering at the end of the ceremony. He was so cute, clapping and cheering with the rest of us. And I even caught it on my camera! Amazing.

Outside, afterwards. Proud parents. :-D Way to go, Nick!
Bloopers. (not really, but they are not the USUAL shots)

Do they look cold? He even wore the sunglasses on his head/hat the whole time. Black blended in to black, so it wasn't that noticeable.
Uh, yeah. Goofy. Just plain goofy. I think he gets it from his brother. (Thanks, Damian!)
But at least he's happy!

Or trying to be tough. Or something!

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