Monday, December 13, 2010


No Mexico. Nine days before we were to leave, the University administration canceled out Service Learning trip to Guaymas, Mexico. So sad. It seems that even the U.S. State department does not allow their employees or family members to cross any point of the US/Mexico border in any vehicles due to the dangers, so that means we shouldn't go, either.

It's fine in Guaymas. If we could just get ourselves there. Unfortunately, we don't have enough money to fly us all there and avoid the border crossing. And we don't know how to teleport or apparate.

That's the bad news. The good news is I have a week off! Yay! I've been home one day and accomplished a LOT of things on my list, set up a "wrapping station" for gift wrapping in my room, shopped for stuff, mailed some stuff, organized some stuff (like sweaters in my closet, but that was a good thing--they kept falling on my head every time I opened my closet door!). And I'm going to cook dinner tonight, too, and give Gail a little break.

I love being home.


Hali said...

Um....come to my house and tackle the increasingly long list of "to-do's"? Please?

Sorry to hear about your trip!

Suzanne said...

Sorry about your trip. I was really wondering how you guys were able to go with all the trouble they've had. I'm glad you aren't going purely for your safety...and you can come to the get-together no problem now, right?!

Donna said...

BOOOO that you're not going to Mexico - and that you can't teleport or apparate...
yeah you that you have a week off! Want to do some of my shopping and stuff since I have done NOTHING yet?
AND I have lost a present that I got while in Texas - specifically FOR Christmas... it's somewhere just to find it.

Linda Liebhardt said...

Yep, we will be there, with bells one. Well, at least I will be wearing my bell.