Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Some Christmas Pictures

The decorating theme was a bit "off" this year. I kind of got behind and never quite caught up. That's a pumpkin on the window sill, along with Christmas pointsettias and gifts. And a tree, of course.
Waiting, waiting, waiting, oh so patiently on Christmas morning.
A new scooter!
I feel loved. I questioned whether or not to even send cards this year. I mean, really, does anyone even care any more? But I do! I LOVE getting cards. So I send cards. That BIG one on the bottom is really a card to Mike from a couple of his students.

A New CAR!
Katie and Casey decided to come to Cedar City and see family this Christmas. They arrived Christmas day in the afternoon and stayed in town until Monday. They spent time with Casey's family, too.
Hayden moves. Fast. All the time, I think. Plus, I'm still getting used to a new camera and not doing so well.
Katie, Nick, Mike's feet and Hayden.
Caroline wearing a "bow" in her hair.
Mike, Nick, Gail on sofa; Seth and Jonathan in background.


Suzanne said...

What a great Christmas! My favorite is the pumpkin and Christmas tree, though. :-)

Hali said...

A {very} belated "Merry Christmas" to you :-)