Friday, March 25, 2011

Baby Rossman, etc.

But first a message from our sponsor. I just had to include these two cute shots of grandkids reading on Caroline's bed when they lived at our house. Reading is Fundamental. Actually, Jonathan is playing a video game on his mom's phone. What's wrong with this picture. Hopefully he'll get the hang of Caroline's good example and become a reader. Technology. What's a person to do?
Casey and new little Corbin.

Such chubby little cheeks. Katie has noticed that Corbin may just have a cute dimple on his right cheek just like Casey's. Corbin isn't really smiling a whole lot right now (he's only 10 days old), so time will tell. He's cute regardless.

And Hayden. He's really growing up.

He's intently staring at a really cool train set he got. Below is a photo of Hayden and his dad assembling the set. Thomas the Train is the big hit in this house these days. Everything is all about Thomas and Salty and the others. I've learned a lot about that bunch of happy train folk of late. :-) Toot, toot!

And this shot (below) is one that I really like. Casey and Hayden have the same posture when sitting on the floor. Katie had never noticed this before! But, one knee up, sitting on the other foot on the floor . . . it's quite cute.

Katie found her swing (in case anyone wondered from her post on Facebook a while back), and Hayden was trying to turn the switches on. He's precariously perched on a fire engine toy and
r - e - a - c - h -i - n - g for those elusive buttons to turn it on. Good thing the baby wasn't in the seat (this time!).

Oh, Corbin has this interesting birthmark on his head. It's a blond spot! I thought it was some damage from childbirth, but the hairs are blond and the skin is lighter in this spot on the top of his head. Unique, eh? [that's Hayden conked out in the background]

And when it's dark at night, that's when he's more alert. On one daytime errand, even driving under the freeway overpass (a very long and dark bridge), he automatically opened up his eyes! But the warm, bright, sunny mornings--forget it. He just sleeps and sleeps and sleeps.

It's going to be hard to leave and go back home next week. So, Please Katie, please post more regularly! Love, Mom.

I've been having a wonderful time. Casey's mom was here before I was and she cooked up a storm! We're still working on left overs. But I think I have been helpful, keeping an eye on Hayden. He is a hoot! It' been fun spending time with him, too.

The weather has been mostly cold and snowey, so we're inside most of the time, save a couple of brief errands. Katie's getting stronger every day and the baby appears to be growing before our very eyes. What a cutie he is! So mild-mannered, too. I'm so jealous! How come none of MY babies were ever like that?


Hali said...

CUTE!!! Glad you enjoyed yourself!

Suzanne said...

He's a cutie. You're such a good grandma going up there and helping out!