Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I love laundry

Weird, I know. But I do enjoy doing laundry. Lately, with just Mike and I in the house, it doesn't stack up very quickly, so it's an easy job. I enjoyed it when all the kids were home, too, and they didn't have to do their own because I preferred to to it myself. I DID, however, teach them how. I'm not a totally slacker momma! ha.

It's easy, too, because we live in the 21st century and have lovely modern equipment that does all the work for us. I mean, really, I don't think I'd enjoy the task much if I had to haul water, chop wood, make a fire to heat the water, make the soap, scrub everything by hand, wring it, hang it, iron it. We do have it easy, and for this I am very grateful. I survived quite a few years with no dryer and minimal complaining, too.

But now-a-days, have you SEEN the washers that are out there? I've heard of some of those fancy-schmancy things that steam clean your clothes, and even know a person who has one. I keep forgetting to ask her how she likes it. Well, when Gail and family moved out, they took their washer with them. My 17-year-old one wasn't quite up to the task for two family's worth of duds, so they took my old one out and replaced it with their newer one. Now it's gone and I needed to shop for a new washer. Huh? Me? Shop? You have GOT to be kidding. So Mike shopped for a washer. He found a really good deal. He took my by to see it and I was really amazed at all the changes. All for the sake of technology and safety, I suppose. Guess what? Washers no longer have agitators! Washers use WAY less water--a good thing when you live in a desert with restrictions. And they even get the clothes clean. At least, that was my experience with the new model we got. Looks ordinary enough on the outside,

but is kind of naked on the inside.

And it looked positively empty on the inside with all the clothes Waaaay down at the bottom with very little water--not even enough to cover them up!! I'm tellin' ya, I was very surprised. It doesn't fill up and agitate the clothes clean, but sits there and goes "wheep....wheep....wheep" as it "infuses" (??!!??) the clothes with water and kind of moves them around. Anyway, I have clean clothes and now you know I'm obsessed with laundry!

[Where's my agitator?]


Donna said...

Are you agitated with lack of agitator?

Suzanne said...

It's funny that you posted this. Our drier went out last week and I was asking the repair guy about the new front loader machines and pretty much got a class on all the new machines. To my dismay I found out no agitator! And I don't like the less water thing because I abuse my washer and overfill it. Even if I don't overfill the new one some day I don't understand how that little of water can get clothes clean just because of the magic soap! I don't like change. :)

Tandy said...

I really didn't know if I would like our new one after we got it, but I do!! If it gets Braeden's clothes clean... IT WORKS!! And it does! (Get his clothes clean!) But I do always push the button for xtra water. Just to be sure... because I'm just like Suzy! Not a firm fan of change and one who used to totally ABUSE my old washer when I could OVERFLOW it with water!

Linda Liebhardt said...

Tandy, I didn't know YOU got a new washer, too!