Monday, February 21, 2011

Moving Day

Or, perhaps I should call this post, "The Empty Nesters." Because that is what Mike and I are now. Gail and Seth and their two little ones have moved out to an apartment on the east side of town. They have been staying there since last Wednesday. That's not to say that all their stuff is moved, but much of it is and it'll be a while before it 's ALL over there. But they love it. It's roomy and nice. It's right across the (busy) street from Caroline's new school. It's the same ward that Gail was born in and blessed in. It's walking distance to Lin's grocery and the scrapbook store. It's all relative--Cedar's a small town and EVERYTHING is walking distance if you're fit enough and have enough time. ha.

Like today--Caroline and Jonathan and I walked all around our ward boundaries. Then we walked to Cal Ranch to look for seeds. We walked to their Great Grandma's house and said hi. We walked to Big Lots and wandered around. We walked to Sports Authority and said Hi. Then we walked back to my house. We were giving Gail some time to pack boxes into her car.

And Mike and I are all alone in our house until Eric comes home from his mission in 7 or so months. Hmmm. Different. We haven't had this experience since before Damian was born!

After Rob, Janet and Sarah left for Provo, Mike and I settled in to watch a movie. "Inception" and it was "mind Bottling" as Eric would say. ha.

Happy Moving Day, Gail and Seth!! Enjoy your new space, and we'll see you here for Sunday dinners. :-)

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