Saturday, February 19, 2011

Let the Games Begin!

Presidents' Day Weekend at OUR house means we have company! Yea for Robert and his family who travel from Provo every year to spend the long weekend with us. This year's dynamics are quite different. There are very few people. Sarah was the only child to travel with them, although all the others and spouses were invited. We even have room for everyone.
And we play games. Here's the opening game of Boggle Friday night. (We missed you, Jessica!) Most years we try to go south to the next county and hike in the warmer weather, but this weekend is forcasting to be snowy and rainy and cold, so we decided to hunker down and play and eat and sleep and shop and play some more. I think it still sounds fun.

Saturday we played more games, Robert and Mike went to watch a BYU basketball game on a restaurant TV and Janet took Sarah to watch a friend in a rugby match. Like I said, GAMES!
Sometimes they are silly, as this blurry one shows.

Sometimes they are very serious, as Sarah shows us here. :-D We are some serious Bogglers, you know. "Word Nerds" is what Gail calls us.
We even got Grandma Liebhardt in on some of them on Sunday. We're playing Push the Dummy below. Robert and Janet taught us how to play a fun card game called "Ripple."

Sometimes, it's just plain exhausting!

And, on a totally unrelated note, below is a shot of me in the bathroom, modeling the new necklace I got. I had this made from a piece of turquoise that was in a silver ring Mike gave me when we were going steady. We both just always liked the turquoise stone in it, but the ring wasn't usable since way long time ago during a puffy pregnant day and the ring had to be CUT off my finger. So, it has sat in my jewelry box all these years, silver tarnishing, stone untouched. A while a go I took it to our jeweler friend and had him mount it for a necklace and I really like it. I have a LOT of shirts and blouses that it will match.

Also unrelated, I have decided that I must really like Yoga. I can go up to three times a week, thanks to the University's T-FIT program which encourages us to get and remain healthy and fit. So I try to go a few times a week to free sessions offered on campus (VERY convenient). And Mike and I have been walking in the AM fairly regularly. He's been trying to work out more at the Cross Fit gym. We've been changing out eating habits (well, not THIS weekend, but usually!) and the results are beginning to show. Below is something that I like to call "Double Downward Facing Dog". Silly, huh? I don't even do most of the poses at home, but somehow they just must know. ha.


Kirk said...

Fun! I wish Kirk liked games like that. I love them, but he's not a fan. I need to travel up there next Presidents weekend so I can get some game time in. :)

kt_kc said...

I miss Presidents Day game nights! I love that last photo of Caroline and Johnathan in the double downward facing dog. Very Cute. One of these days I'll update my blog. Probably not until after the baby gets here though.

Gail said...

We forgot to include age in our celebration this year! How did we forget?

Linda Liebhardt said...

Gail, I think you meant to type "Abe" until you were automatically corrected. I don't know how I managed to forget. It's too heavy to haul on my bike, maybe? One of the kids mentioned it. Nick or Eric.