Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Above is the image on my computer as the wallpaper or background. It's a photo I took last summer when I was in Concord, Massachusetts. I frequently sit at a computer with dual monitors, so there is twice as much river and green sitting in front of me as I work every day.

It's warm and pretty and very refreshing to look at.

I'm not so warm.

Below is what it looks like outside. Not quite so much snow, but close. Brrr.


Donna said...

Good grief!!! Burrr

Tandy said...

But at least if it's going to be BRRRR cold, at least it's not BROWN AND BARE AND UGLY! There's BEAUTIFUL snow on the trees... And, I have to admit that I don't miss the cold and the shoveling that's involved, but I do miss the SPARKLY snowy mornings that are almost blinding, but totally breathtaking (or was it the cold that used to literally take my breath away?)... the point is: I really do miss this sometimes! :o)

Kirk said...

Both are beautiful in their own way. Right now I have to admit the cold one is quite appealing.

Hali said...

I have a summer sunset in NYC as my screensavor. Dual monitors= lots of water and sunshine=spring fever. [Sigh]