Saturday, May 21, 2011

Playing Hookey

I added a few more photos. The one above and the two below, making a total of three, could be put side-by-side for a panoramic shot of the area. I suppose my camera or some other programs can DO that, but I can't. Above is "Left."
Middle. Use your imagination.

I wasn't really skipping SCHOOL today, but life in general. I was supposed to be doing other stuff. Like pulling weeds or cleaning my kitchen or vacuuming or SOMETHING. Couldn't plant the garden because all the rain and snow made it too muddy to walk in. Since I had to work for the half day the Library was open today, I was feeling more than a little justified in taking the ONLY beautiful day we've had for over a week and doing something fairly spontaneous and fun. So I grabbed Gail and the grandkids and we headed to Gunlock Reservoir. The overflow was really spectacular. The pictures don't do it justice. I took more, but they are on a different camera that is not with me at the moment. So stay tuned. I'll be adding a few more later.
This is the overflow area just west of the dam. Jonathan was generally quite happy on this little hike we took. Lots of red sand and rocks. Overcast skies, but very warm.
Caroline at the top near the overflow. This is just before the water goes tumbling over the rocks down to the Santa Clara River.
I'm the water bottle holder, apparently. That's just a part of the many cascades of water.

The cactus were in bloom.

It was really quite crowded. You kind of had to wait for people to move out of the way to take a picture with minimal interference. Caroline is below me, by the water, in pink shorts. She wanted to get in so badly! But we were just on an exploratory expedition.
We had to hike down, and it was kind of steep for a little 2 year old to manage. So Gail carried him DOWN the hill, but on the way UP, he walked. With some assistance. Caroline was the first one to the car. We even had to ford a tiny stream over logs on our walk over to the waterfalls!

Then I came home and finished playing hookey from my chores by finishing this table runner I started last night. It's kind of fun.
I just LOVE this farm fabric! That's what is on the back.
The point of doing these table runners was to get me to keep my table cleaned off and pretty. It doesn't work.


Hali said...

WOW! So many FUN adventures to report on! Glad you're enjoying yourself :-)

Donna said...

I think I made some bibs out of fabric just like that when Liz was a baby - how cute! Loved the hike pictures! Looks like a fun hookie day. I played hookie after my dr's appointment on Thursday and went with mom on errands. It was fun for me!

Nick said...

"It doesn't work." Haha.