Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spring Creek

Spring Creek Canyon is a beautiful little spot just south of Kanarraville. I'd never been before, so when there was a guided hike offered this Saturday, I showed up. Caroline came with me. We started at 9:00 meeting at the Cedar City park, then carpooled down there. The hike was sponsored by the SUMA folks--Southern Utah Museum of Art--which does not exist quite yet. It was to show how artists ply their trade and use nature, etc. Our artist was Arlene Braithwait. She's a favorite of mine and does wonderful work in pastels. She spoke for a bit at the trailhead, and then we started our hike. It looks like nothing particularly special as you start, but following the little gurgling creek is very pleasant.

We crossed over the creek multiple times. Below is Caroline being helped along by our photographer. If our photos show up in "" please let us know. :-)

There were pretty wildflowers. These are Indian Paintbrush. Because we have had a wet spring, there was lots of grasses, bright green leaves on the brush oaks, healthy pinyons and cedars. And lots and LOTS of biting flies and mosquitoes!! We had to constantly move and flat our arms about to keep from being eaten alive. And we put our jackets back on, despite the heat later in the day.

I don't know why I have such a hard time posing. I'll have to work on that. I just had Caroline take a photo of me really quickly so I'd have proof of having been there.
Spring Creek is a slot canyon. I didn't go a good job of positioning the camera so you could see how narrow it was, but it is. Trust me. Red rocks, clear creek, good company and perfect weather. You couldn't ask for more. Our guide, Anne Smith, was there one week ago and there were no flies or mosquitoes. She also said that every time she goes, it 's different. I can see why. The flora and fauna would change, as would the water levels, etc.
This is called the "Volkswagon Stuff." Each time Anne passes this hole in the rock, she tries to stuff as many people in it as she can. I think we only got nine or so in, but most of us were hefty adults. ha. This picture was taken after a couple had left. You can see the reflection of my glasses back in there.

Here's Caroline alone in the hole.
We only walked in about 2 miles, to this slope/side area. We stayed, Caroline painted a watercolor of the scenery. I wish I would have taken a picture of what she painted. Arlene's comments were very complementary! She captured the size and actual shape of the rocks and her values were very good, too. That from a professional!! Woo hoo! A budding artist in Caroline!!

One of the rests along the way. Two friends from our ward were on the hike, too. Janet Seegmiller and her daugher, Joy.
We were home by 2 pm. It was a very nice hike. I'm glad we went. And, no, that's NOT toilet paper in the box next to Caroline. It's a roll of paper towels in a box of water-color painting supplies that I hauled all the way along on our hike. They said they needed help carrying Arlenes' things, so I grabbed the box and headed up the trail. Only, silly me, they needed people to haul the stuff BACK to the car. Duh. Oh well. It's a well-traveled box now. ha.

These are columbine from my front flower bed! See what a little fertilizer and a lot of water can do? Who knew!!??? I think maybe I'll be more generous with watering in the future. Nah. We live in a desert... and I water sparingly.
Memorial Day weekend we were in Provo, American Fork, Orem, and Springville. This home belongs to one of Mike's cousins. Don't you just LOVE the wisteria climbing over the patio area in their back yard. It was stupendous!! I don't know that I've ever seen one so big and SOOOO fully in bloom. I just had to take a picture.
In their front was the irrigation ditch that passed by their home. They have a lot of fruit trees, a garden, etc. But this water moves on down the road. What do you suppose that little thing is on the left? It's like a little side canal or something, but goes no where really. Any ideas?

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