Sunday, July 31, 2011


I really wanted to name this entry "Weather Phenomenon." I think it sounds really cool to say that. Try it: Weather Phenomenon. Cool, huh?

I was riding my bike home for lunch one day last week when I looked up and saw these clouds. I thought they looked really different. I was pedaling along, wishing I could share it with someone, but no one was around. Then it dawned on me that I had my camera in my trusty backpack, so I parked my bike under a shady tree, walked back down the street a bit to get a better view and snapped a few photos to see if I could capture the rainbow-effect in these different clouds. One of my co-workers from campus happened to drive by just then and said, "Pretty scene?"

So, I said to him and his wife, "Well, it's just those strange clouds. I don't think I've ever seen a weather phenomenon like that before. Have you?"

They dutifully looked, and said, "Oh, yeah. That's cool." and drove away.

SCORE! I not only got to SHARE the cloud/rainbow with someone, but I got to say "Weather Phenomenon," too!!

And then Mike happened to be home when I got there and it was still kind of in the sky, so I made him come out to look, too.

I know it's not that great. It probably is a variation of a sun dog or something equally odd. It doesn't really show up well with my camera, but you can kind of see it if you stretch your imagination. The first picture is a wide angle view. The second is zoomed in a little. The colors really were quite vibrant for a hot mid-summer day with partial clouds and no rain. There were pinks and purples and some blues. NOT your typical cloud siting.


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Donna said...

THAT is a cool cloud! I have never seen one like that!
(have to chuckle, the work verification is fanties - is that fancy panties?)