Friday, August 19, 2011

August Bounty

The backyard
Can you see the tomato plant below? It's just starting to have some tomatoes on it with a little pinkish tint to them. When they start ripening, we are going to have a LOT of tomatoes! There are about 18 plants. Salsa, juice, bottled whole and stewed. And lots and lots of fresh, sliced, stuffed, etc. for the rest of the summer.

I bottled another batch of green beans this afternoon. This makes 23 pints of green beans out of our little backyard garden. That doesn't even count the ones I've given away, or the ones we've eaten. I do believe they are finally starting to slow down. [whew!!]

At least, we THOUGHT they were slowing!! Here's some more... they just keep coming!!

This was a new one for us this year--cabbage. We don't often grow this, but they are looking nice. Cole slaw, anyone?

Here's a wee little (volunteer) watermelon. It MAY grow big enough to actually ripen. Maybe. Our growing season really isn't long enough here unless you take special measures, and we didn't. It came up kind of late, too, for a volunteer. But it IS kind of cute. It's about the size of a softball.

And the apple tree is doing well.

These pumpkins are some that we planted on purpose, not knowing just exactly WHAT kind of squash was volunteering all over the garden. As it turns out, they are ALL pumpkins. Pumpkin pie, anyone?

I have the makings for some pickles, too. Kosher dills. Sounds good to me!

This (above) is what I saw one morning when I looked out my bedroom window. Our neighbor's cats. Cat 1 and Cat 2. I really don't think they have names! Collectively, they are "The Grays". One is the brother, one is the sister of a litter and they are Russian Grays. Nice kitties. We enjoy them as neighbors. We have all the benefits of enjoying a cat to pet and for grandkids to play with (and the kitties DO come over to play!), but we don't have to take care of them. It's a good deal all around in my opinion
Pumpkins! They are getting bigger and more orange. I think Mike said he counted about 20. Yikes. That's a LOT of pumpkin pie. ha. There are three in this picture.


Donna said...

What a fun August Bounty you have! I have NOTHING this year. My egg plants did OK, but we were in Alaska when they were good - when we got home they were too ripe. Tomatoes didn't do well at all either. Sad, but true. Peach trees gone, apple now at Dad's to nurture and grow since it sat in it's planter container for well over a year and was never put in the ground.... sigh. I'm not doing well on plants that supply food this year.

Suzanne said...

YUM! I want to come eat at your house! I'm so impressed that you can your veggies. I either use mine or give them away. This year I only grew tomatoes. I see your tomato plant. What is keeping it up? I don't see a cage. Just curious. My cages all fell over this year. Not good for the tomatoes.

Tandy said...

Holy smokes, lady! I wish we could have a garden like this! Ours is just... sad right now. I can't seem to get the pest thing under control. Grrr. And I mean several KINDS of pests. Not fun... or good!