Saturday, September 17, 2011

And interesting field trip

Go Toward the Light!

This is the ladder that leads to the roof

of the library where Tammy works. Up she goes!

We recently have been having a new roof installed on our library building. I asked the general contractor if I could see what they were doing up there, and he invited us to come up for a tour. It was nice to see what all the thumping and bumping, messes and noise was all about. And it was nice to see the roof of our building. And the VIEW.

Looking West

Looking South

Looking down at our parking lot. There was a crane.

Some of the old roofing is exposed. This is looking kind of north-east. It went from being a black roof (and a leaky one), to a very white roof with more insulation and hopefully tighter seams.
Unfortunately, it rained pretty hard one night on this old part (above) and if it was covered with a tarp, it must have blown off. We had a lot of water in the building the night after these pictures were taken!!

Looking East

The Gang's all here:
Tammy, Susan, Sheri, Ellen, Jill, Randy, Rod, me (I've really got to work on posing).

The end.

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