Saturday, September 17, 2011


The roses were a "mental health" treat for me. And because it was our anniversary month. And because they were a good deal at the grocery store. So good, I just couldn't pass them up. Not once, but TWICE. I thoroughly enjoyed the first batch at home on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Then I took them to work and enjoyed them Tuesday and Wednesday. Then I went shopping on Thursday morning and they were half price, so I picked up another bouquet and took them with us to Park City and enjoyed them there on Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Brought them home on Sunday (they were some very well-traveled flowers!) and enjoyed them for a few more days. Mental health. Flowers make me happy.
I traveled to Park City, UT, to be the NON-scrap book-er among all the scrappers. We went the weekend of September 9 and 10th. Gail and I got there on the night of the 8th and joined with the others in this nice condo that Janet arranged for us in Park City, UT. It was very nice. Gail and I shared a room with rustic log bunk beds, and there were two other bedrooms besides.

Thursday night we just relaxed and settled in. Friday, all the scrapbookers went to SLC for the Expo thing-ey. I stayed on my own at the condo and just relaxed.
I went for a long walk around the "Bear Hollow Village" condo area. I got us officially registered into the unit and visited with the front desk help about Tex's malasadas in Honoka'a, Hawaii. Small world, huh? I watched "The Waltons" on TV while waxing my legs. I soaked in a jetted tub. I snacked on nourishing food. I had lunch. I drove around Park City and picked up maps and brochures. Got a little lost for a minute [remember, I have directional disfunction]. I DID make it back to the Condo. I watched a movie on Donna's Ipad ("Beastly." Cute). I sort of sorted some photos, but not really. I just moved them from a bag into a couple of storage boxes. But they are in order by year!

When everyone came home, Robert and Sarah came, too.

Saturday after breakfast, Robert, Donna, Sarah and I headed into town to see sights, but mostly to ride rides. Sarah and I did all three--the Zip Line, Coaster, and Slide.
Sarah at the top of the Zip Line. In Line at the Line.

I think the anticipation was way bigger than the actual ride.
It WAS fun, and I did like it. I was too worried about texting Donna that we were on our way.
The fellow before us is just leaving. I was concerned about getting a good picture. As you can see below, I had reason to be concerned. I wanted to try to snap a shot of Sarah, but I couldn't turn around enough to see where she was, so I blindly snapped away. Got mostly pictures of my fat fingers.

Going Down, down, down. It's very fast. I should have been worried about getting a bug down my throat since I forgot to shut my mouth for the duration of the ride!! Lucky for me, there was no extra protein in my diet THAT time. My mouth did get pretty dry.
Down, down, down some more. The brown-roofed building (below) is where you get onto the Coaster ride.
And here we are (below), loaded onto the coaster ride and heading up the mountain. THIS was my favorite. Again, mouth open, and I screamed [with glee] all the way down.

I'm going up, the tracks are going down--in LOOPS! I missed a good shot of Sarah as she went whooshing by me on the way down.

But here's some strangers, whooshing past me (below). The ride up is slow. The ride up to the top of the Zip line is even SLOWER. Lots of pretty views, though. And the weather was PERFECT on this day. Mild, no wind. Robert and Donna and Sarah got a little sunburned, standing in lines, etc.
Riding the lift up to the Alpine Slide beginning.

Out of order. This is the GOING UP part of the Coaster. That's Robert in front of me. [Like you can see anything besides a dark spot!] And Donna is before him. Sarah was first.
Walking our Alpine Slide sleds over to the tracks. They came up the lift with us, hooked onto the side of the chair lift.

Donna stopped to take a picture of the wild flowers. I didn't see it on her blog. I'm guessing it didn't turn out well because it was a close up. I'm sure there's a setting for that!
Some of us had a good time on the Slide, but mine and Sarah's ride was kind of a bummer because we were stuck behind some very slow people and had to STOP!! The first half was nice and thrilling and fast. But not the second half. It was a fun little outing, though. I'm glad we did it.

I had a great time visiting with everyone and Gail and I headed home on Sunday morning. We got home just in time to get to church.

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