Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I've always wanted to go up to Brian Head ski resort to see their new year's celebration. They have a torchlight parade down the side of the ski slopes AND fireworks. The only time in years past, the snow fall was so heavy, I couldn't even make it up the canyon. But THIS year--clear skies!! So we headed up Parowan Canyon to Brian Head. The roads were clear and there were big crowds. It's quite the party atmosphere, but we just wanted to see the torchlight ski run and the fireworks. I think it was worth the drive for this one time.

And, below...a charming and creative Christmas gift from Gail. Word Nerds forever!! this is hanging on my kitchen wall.

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Donna said...

Love love love the scrabble idea. I saw one similar too later - I had already turned my scrabble game into the thrift store. Drat it!!