Saturday, January 14, 2012


This post (and this mornings' events) owe thanks to my sister, Donna. (Like anyone else ever sees this blog besides those of us who know Donna, right? -ha! OK, so maybe one or two of you).

Donna has been on a de-cluttering theme lately. She's been doing really well. Me, not so much. But that wasn't MY goal, it was hers. However, I did share with Mom in an email about how Mike had done some pretty major cleaning up in our carport and that we'd almost be able to park 2 cars in there--it wouldn't be very functional since I wouldn't be able to squeeze my BIKE out, but they'd be IN and not parked on the driveway (with a carport full of clutter). Well, when Donna heard that, and she's seen our carport, etc., her response was NO WAY. Of course, that inspired Mike and he finished his straightening of the carport and squeezed in his truck AND the car. Not only that, but there is room to get OUT of the vehicles!! That was a total shock to me. I thought Mike would have to drive the truck in, climb out, drive in the car, then I'd have to go out the FRONT door of the house to take the picture, then he'd have to drive out of the carport before being able to get out of the car. But they fit. And we can get in an out. Handy in snowy weather, but Mike will probably keep his fluid-leaking truck out on the drive most of the time since there are usually projects going on in the carport itself. And he needs access to tools and stuff that are stashed on the shelving in there.

So, here are a couple of "Before" pictures.

And here are some "After" photos:

They are way under the eves, so snow and ice are not a worry in the early a.m. :-) The truck is kind of poking out just a tad beyond where a door should be some day, but there's also a 2 1/2 foot wide table behind the truck that doesn't belong there, too. Someday it will be folded up and put away. maybe.

Yes, it's still very cluttered. Yes, it very much needs a door to HIDE all the clutter. But at least if there WAS a door on the garage, the cars would both fit inside with some final adjustments. The nice thing? They didn't just chuck it all in the backyard to make room! Yay for the guys this morning!!

Thanks for the inspiration, Donna-Poo!


Donna said...

WOW!!! That is AWESOME!,,

Donna said...

Evn the outer wall is news to me :). Looking great!

Nick said...


Suzanne said...

First of all...WOW! Way to go Mike! And second why do you call it a carport? Doesn't it have a door? I thought you had a door in which case it is a garage. :)