Sunday, February 5, 2012


This is just one of those silly things you see and don't really talk about . . . at least, not past the age of 10 or so, I suppose. But Lexi and I got a kick out of this last month, and Gail and I talked about it this afternoon, so I decided to put it out there for everyone. Facebook might have been easier, but not for me. And that's just TOO much exposure of my silliness. Only my dear readers need know the depth of my craziness, er, silliness.

So here goes.

You know how the electric company has used the picture of the little outlet to look like a face and take on a persona of it's own? Here he is below, with the two eyes and the mouth. Simple stuff. We see it all the time. Most times, it's just an outlet.

Well there are other faces at my house. Many faces. Like the one below. He's lovingly referred to as our "Tiki God." It's our wood-burning stove in the living room. When blazing hot with a fire roaring within, the "eyes" and mouth glow red with the embers from inside. It is a site to behold! Definitely a face to be reckoned with.

The one below is kind of stretching it. Two eyes and the grill-work of the range hood could possibly remind one of the grillwork faces on an old auto or two.

Some are contrived and man-made, such as the magnets placed on the sides of the metal filing cabinet.

The speakers of the CD player make positively alien eyes!

But the one below is my absolute favorite. It's the one that Lexi and I got a laugh out of. I think you will, too, dear reader. It is the sight I see first thing in the morning. It makes me smile. Gail thought the face was a bit strained, but really there is a bit of a grin.

if seen from the side. :-)
I hope you enjoyed the quick tour of some of the faces of my house. Care to share any of yours?


Here's two of Mom's!


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! Y'all are silly.

Suzanne said...

Hahaha! I just love you, Linda! And yes, the toilet is my favorite and I got a good chuckle over that one!

Tandy said...

I love this... and Lexi will love it, too!! I tried to get her to look at it the other day, but she was too busy painting her nails and pressing stickers on them... :) I actually really like the fireplace.