Saturday, February 18, 2012

Presidents' Day Weekend

It's the long holiday weekend. We will miss having Robert's family being here for the weekend, as per our tradition. Sarah has volleyball games during the weekend . We debated about going up there, but then Mike had a bunch of OSHA trainings in Las Vegas, so he headed down to those after work on Friday.

SOME of the tradition is still alive, however. I did remember to bring Abe home with me so he could spend his birthday with us. I'm sure he would just cry his eyes out if I ever left him behind in the Library on his birthday! He's been spending the weekend of his birthday (or at least Presidents' Day weekend) at our home for YEARs. It's like he's an extended family member. Right, Abe? ;-)

The flowers are a Valentine's Day gift to me fromMike. They are lovely.

As for the long weekend, we will be doing our regular weekend chores, along with mending and taxes. Sounds fun, huh? I hope yours is fun.


Donna said...

Love that Abe came home regardless of extended family making it out! He would be sad to stay @ the library for sure ;)

Suzanne said...

Was wishing we were there over that long weekend. :)