Monday, November 5, 2012

Wardrobe Malfunction

Not what you might think it is.

Friday of last week, I went to the free yoga class for Faculty/Staff on campus.  It's part of our T-Fit thing and I really LOVE having a private yoga lesson! It's only "private" because no body else was there this time.  Just me and Kenzie.  I'd rushed really quickly to get over there and get changed.  She had given up on anyone coming and was almost ready to leave.  But we ended up having an abbreviated class, and that was nice since we both had other places we needed to be.

Proof that I dressed rather hastily was evident when I bent down into my rather awkward Forward Fold (honesty, in my brain, I look so limber and lithe and slender and GRACEful!!) and found that my knit pants were on inside-out.  So, I started giggling.  Such and old-lady thing to do, right?

Yes, I'm getting more old and feeble every day.  The next morning when I was dressing for just hanging around at home, I noticed my t-shirt felt a little odd.   Yep.  It was on backwards.

Wardrobe malfunctionS.  Silly, silly me.  What next?  I shudder to think.  I did manage to get to work today will aspects of my outfit intact.  And, I managed to get to weights, change, and get back and complete the day fully and carefully dressed.  Whew!

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Donna said...

LOL Better than my two different shoes :)