Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall and October

October 22 was the first day it felt like winter was truly approaching.

We have had a GLORIOUS Fall!  Absolutely lovely.  The leaves have been spectacular.  We've had a enough rain to make the garden keep producing up until the very end.

Drizzling raindrops fall,
Soaking parched garden and trees.
No more crunchy leaves.

That was my rainy-day Haiku. :-)

Here is my sunny fall day Haiku:

I rode my bike through
Golden carpet on the street.
Leaves go crunch and fly.

Then the leaves really came out in their glory and I've been crunching through them ever since.  Love it!

In four months at the library of my work place, I've hired 4 new staff people.  Four.  Training, training, training and more training!!  It's been an adventure, to say the least.  But I still enjoy my job.

I received a cute little recognition award a week or two ago.  SUU is really big into customer service and quality experience, etc.  Someone recognized me, submitted the nomination and so I was given a little "Caught you Red-Handed" doodad. (it's candy and the nomination paperwork stuff).  The incident: There was a young woman who had some sort of health crisis one afternoon in the library and while waiting for the ambulance to arrive,  I sat there with her and comforted her. My supervisor thought that was nice, and submitted it to the Red-Handed folks and I got my little candy-bar treat and recognition.  Nice, huh?  (the girl with medical incident was fine the next day.)

Please see Eric's blog posts about our Fall Recess excursion to the National Parks.   T-Bird Nation school blog  is his personal blog with a couple of posts about the adventure.

I was there.  Ditto to all he said, except the stuff about wanting to be in a tent.  [How's that for lazy blogging!?!?] ha.

I'm auditing an online class on Library Media and Reference.  I have learned some stuff I never knew before!  That is always a good thing to do--keep on learning.

We had our annual Library Gala this month.  A fun time was had by all. Mike and I and Eric attended.  Fun, food, dancing, speeches and displays.  Eric blogged about than on the T-Bird Nation blog, too.

Sunday the 28th was the Primary Children's Sacrament Meeting presentation, and that is always fun.  I loved all the songs and the kids did great.

Mike and I, Eric and Mike's Mom all went out to see "Les Miserables," and it was fantastic!  Luckily, I was able to obtain a couple more tickets, so Gail and Seth got to see it, too, at a later date.  The Fall USF season just closed over the weekend.  What a romp that was!

Mike and I worked as volunteers at the University's big Halloween bash, this year being dubbed "The Scream" (instead of "The Howl" like the previous years).  8 pm to 1am on Friday the 26th, and then Mike had to be up at 5:30 a.m. the very next day!!  We just monitored a big bank of exit doors, but we had to stay at our post and it was a very busy and high-traffic area.  I've done this other years, and have never been in a high-traffic area before.  We saw some very interesting and creative costumes as they streamed by us all night long. Yeah, some were very raunchy, but we did see some cool pirates and supermen, 80's folks, other super heros, TMNT, a set of shower pouffs!  Those were clever.  There were some pretty cool Zombie characters, too--one of which was Eric.  HIS makeup job was done by a friend and it was superb. It's probably on Facebook if you want to see it.

The Cedar City Heritage and Livestock festival went off well. I went to the parade (1,000 sheep down Main Street is kind of cool to watch), taste-tested lots of yummy dutch oven stuff. Mike and his team won first place for their main dish entry and some other smaller awards.  They were SOOOoooo tired.  So sore. So exhausted... But, man!  Was that food good!  Caroline and I did that together and we had plenty to eat, that's for sure.

I also attended a football game in October.  Unfortunately, the one I attended was not the one that our team won.

Mike turned 60 this month.  We celebrated by going to the Cedar City Music Arts Dinner/Soiree and the Utah Symphony concert that night.  Sixty.  Wow.  And I'm following close behind.  How did this happen?

Add in a couple of wedding receptions, a few night meetings and appointments and that calendar just fills right up.

Oh, and we decorated our circulation desk area with spider webs and spiders, bats, etc.  And dead roses in a vase.  And shrunken heads (which are really apples, but they looked so cool!).

I'm going to be Indiana Jones for Halloween because I have the hat AND I happened to find a bull whip at a stand in the vendors booth at the Livestock and Heritage festival.  Cool!  What a deal.  Khaki pants, a leather coat and satchel and I'm set.  (Yeah, right.)

What are YOU doing for Halloween?

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