Saturday, September 29, 2012

SUU Homecoming , 2012

What a fun week.  No, I don't have a single photo to share, however...

I was tending grandkids on Friday, so I took Caroline to school in the morning, brought Jonathan home with me to pick tomatoes, and we played with other stuff in the yard.  In the morning I had a health screening appointment, so  I took him with me.  He seemed a bit alarmed when they poked my finger to make it bleed.  I think he was wondering if he was next!  Thankfully, Samantha Kunzler set him right at ease and distracted him in a fun conversation about his age and siblings and school, his toy, etc.  She was so cute with him.

Then we went back later to the college campus and they were setting up for the big party on the quad, so we saw the band practicing. That was loud and fun.  We also met up with Caroline's class in the art gallery.  We missed them in the Natural History museum, but we walked through it anyway.  Her class was on a field trip, so we just thought we'd meet up with her.

That afternoon, we picked up Caroline from school. That was a long, hot wait in the car!  Jonathan fell asleep waiting, and I almost did!  So we came home and had naps while Caroline nicely did her homework.  Eric even had friends over for an early dinner and I just snoozed away on the living room floor.  Not much of a baby-sitter, am I?

Caroline and I attended the party on the quad last night.  Free fun food, great bands and free drawings (which we did not win) and FIREWORKS at 10:00 pm.  Oh, and a pep rally, too.   Where Caroline was smacked in the face with a little spongy football thrown out by Thor, our school mascot.  He doesn't throw very well. [However, he CAN dance!]  Caroline was right in the front row and he should have been throwing it that hard to go OVER the crowd, but it smacked her in the face instead. Ouch.  She said it only stung for a little while.  What a good sport.  The weather was great!  We got to watch Eric dance his little legs off.  No wonder he's sore and achy when he comes home from dancing with friends.  He's quite the dancer!  Made me tired to watch.  Caroline and I wandered around a bit, but then settled on a quieter side of a hill for the rest of the concert and other stuff.

Early Saturday morning was the SUUper Sorrel 5K fun run/walk.  I went alone. I won a 2nd place medal for the old lady category.  Fun times.  And I got a cool shirt.  We went up the Canyon trail and the rabbit brush in the fall is just spectacular.  So bright and vibrant.  The weather was pretty nice, too.  The canyon is always windy, but it wasn't bitter cold.

Caroline was in the Homecoming Parade at 10 a.m. as part of her school something, so I dropped her off for that and then Mike and I watched the parade down University blvd.  I DID take a photo on my phone of Caroline on her float, but I have no idea how to get it off my phone and onto the computer.  Oh well.  We were there.  It was a pretty good parade for small town, small University stuff.  They throw candy still, and we happen to know a lot of the people, so that makes it fun.

We bypassed the tailgate party after the parade,  after I solved a little problem at work, then Caroline and I walked the rest of the way home.  We only had time to rest a little, grab some lunch, then it was off to the football game.  We were in the sun!  For most of the time and it was hot.  But the game was good, our seats are great (I got season tickets for football for the first time!) and I had a good time. Too bad we lost.  But it was a good game.  They didn't trounce us, or blow us out of the water, and beat us by just one touchdown I think.  I still have a lot of questions about football.

I'm about ready for another nap!  It was all I could do to get my homework assignment done before doing this little blog update.  And the homework is definitely NOT top grade.  Caroline is snoring, Eric is snoring, Mike is close to it.  Must be that time of they day. :-) ZZZZZZzzzzzz

Happy Homecoming week!  I won't even tell you all the activities we DIDN'T attend--there were many.
And this photo is for Liz.  The builders said she would know exactly what is was.

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Donna said...

I'll point out the last picture to Liz. What class are you taking? Wish we were closer but not sure I would participate. I hate crowds!