Sunday, September 23, 2012

Linda gets Crafty

Yes, I actually made a paper-crafted item.  Gail did NOT come by her talent from me, meaning she did not inherit her incredibly wonderful gift of paper-crafting from me.  The above project was something that I signed up to make at our Relief Society Super Saturday yesterday.  And I actually made this!  I know, I know--you are shocked to read that I actually did a craft willingly!!  I'm so pleased. It was not horribly difficult.  The plan was to go and find out how they were done, then perhaps make others by utilizing Gail's abundant paper/craft supply.  I was thinking of a larger garland (this is a garland to hang for decoration) that says "Happy Halloween" or something.  Maybe I'll stick with the shorter ones, like "Joy" and "Noel" for Christmas. I actually wanted to make them for work decos.  We'll see.

I also made one other craft item on Saturday involving wood, paint (and I got paint on my new pants! blurg!), photos, ribbon, and decopage.  I won't post a picture because I made seven of them--one for each grandchild.  They'll just have to wait and see what they turned out to be. :-)

Happy Crafting!


Donna said...

So cute!

Kaylee said...

It looks great! I remember seeing those when we went to church with you.