Saturday, January 19, 2013

Library adventures

I tried to post a photo, but I'm trying out an iPad from the Library and can't quite figure out how to do that.


Friday I was working at the library, my student worker was shelving books upstairs and I was there alone.  It was a quiet period, not much happening, when a young man walked out the exit door, the alarm beeped on the security gate, but he just kept walking out--quickly!  Well, for a split second I thought, "Shoot! I'm here alone and it's not good to leave the desk unattended. . .wonder how far he is by now?"  But that was just for a split second. Then, my Super Librarian powers kicked in and I flew out of my chair and out the door after him.  Luckily, he was the only person around, and I hollered LOUDLY after him, "ExCUSE me!!". I'm sure everyone in the whole library lobby and computer lab heard me.  But he stopped and I said politely to him, "I'm sorry, but when the gate rings while you're going through, you are supposed to stop.  Could you please come in and walk back through?  And I only yelled at you because I couldn't tell whether or not you were wearing ear buds. Sorry."

He obediently walked back through, and again the gate alarm went off.

Me: Do you have any library materials?

Him: hmmmm.

And he reached into his satchel and handed me a book.

I took it from him and asked, "Would you like to check it out?"  Most people at this point are embarrassed that they'd forgotten to check it out, or SOMEthing.  Not him.  He just said no and walked out the door with his hands up, like he was going to be arrested or something.

I was just glad I got the book back.  "The Life of Pi" was the book.

My student worker pointed out to me later that I'd taken a book from him that wasn't even ours!  I was really concerned for a moment because there was no barcode or call number label on the spine. . .oh dear.  But wait!  He gave it to me when I asked for any Library materials, and it beeped.  Yes, it WAS ours and it had the proper stamps.  What the young man had done was torn off the book jacket!!!

Grrrr.  Now my librarian dander was up.  (I'll bet you didn't know we had dander, did you?  Not to be confused with dandruff.)

Next I had the student worker go searching the stacks for the book jacket, AND I found our trusty custodian and him to please go check the men's restroom trash cans on the second and third floors.  Guess what?  That's where the book jacket was!!!  The trash can in the men's restroom.

Of all the NERVE!!!

Book safe, jacket sanitized and replaced on book.  All is well.  Except maybe my trust in humanity.

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Nick said...

Way to go, Superlibrarian! Life of Pi must have some pretty good street value. Now I want to read it.