Thursday, August 1, 2013

Eye of the tiger

It's been kind of a lazy summer.  I should be cleaning more, weeding more, sorting more. But, nah.  Redbox keeps sending me free coupons for movies!  They always do, you know.  And usually I just delete the texts because I'm too busy.  However, this summer, we've managed to squeeze in a bunch of movies.  The basement is so much cooler, and it's so hot outside.  The dishes will wait--they always do!

Last night, we watched "Life of Pi."  I'd read the book a while ago and really enjoyed it.  Mike had not read the book, but we both enjoyed the movie.

After the movie, I left Mike in the basement to watch the ending of the news/sports shows.  I went to my bathroom to brush teeth, etc.  And I was waiting quietly to hear him come into the dark bedroom.  I heard him turn on the light.

I DID hear him chuckle.  Then laugh.  Then call out to me.  This is what greeted him on the bed when he came back (through the dark house, turning off lights and locking doors as he went) to our room to retire.

Well, not exactly that.  But I HAD placed our kids' rather large stuffed animal tiger on his side of the bed.  And it DID startle him--greatly.  I hadn't heard the *gasp* and didn't feel his quickened pulse.  We laughed, and laughed and laughed some more. It was hard to stop giggling long enough to say the prayer.

Now I live in fear of retaliation. :-)  But, hey!  It was a harmless prank and nobody was hurt, nothing was damaged.  It was good.  He agreed.  Still...I'm a little nervous...

Ours is a rather LARGE stuffed toy.  It was enough to creep me out while walking through the living room on MY way to bed, which is why I thought he needed a better location!

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Tandy said...

Hahaha! We just read all vBulletin t he way . Back to your DC visit and laughed and giggled about quite a few things!
We also loved Life of Pi! And poor Gpa! But we did giggle and hope you don't get it back too bad! :)
Also... I just realized that . I missed Gma LIEBHARDT's birthday. Boo! Please tell her I'm sorry!
And... we were so happy you could come to the 4 t h celebration! The town, however doesn't have a fire department of all women now. It did for a number of years way back when, but no longer. And it wouldn't be the same without the explosive madness provided by your family!!! :)
And last,but not least... the foodies post cracked us up! Especially the content and summary of white bread! I think that makes a couple of us white trash through and through! Haha!