Monday, August 12, 2013

Tour of Utah

Last week we had a really fun and exciting time in good ol' Cedar City.  The Tour of Utah Bike Race came through.  It actually started here, and the bikers were here for three days prior; one day prior was the team presentations in our Adams outdoor Shakespearean Theatre that afternoon.  I went to that.  People rang cow bells and knew the team members, the announcers were really knowledgeable on the sport, the teams, the individuals.  It's quite the thing.  The teams were housed on campus and the support teams and trailers and camp trailers were on the housing parking lot, so I rode my bike past them every day on my way to work.

Campus closed early the day of the race.  They started around 11 am in Brian Head, Utah, then pedaled in a round-about way through the mountains and towns to finally arrive here in Cedar City around 3:30 p.m.

Just go look up Tour of Utah on the Internet.  I think it ends soon.  Or maybe it's already over.  Probably is.  It was certainly quite the party THAT day, though!

I had a miniature tail gate party outside the library after we closed the library.  MOST of the people were downtown at the finish line, but before the finish, the cycled around campus three times, so my fellow tail-gaters (all three of them) and I cheered them on as they passed.
I brought snacks, made a poster, had a cooler with drinks...and very few takers, sadly.

I wish I would have taken time to talk to the teams and support people I saw every day.  I have lots of questions about the sport.  I hope they come back in future years and stay on campus again!

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