Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I find it hard to believe that all of February has gone and I have not posted one photo, or made one entry on my paltry little blog.  Well, it IS the shortest month.

We had incredibly mild weather most of the time. So mild, I washed the car on the front lawn.

I think we ate some chocolates and enjoyed some lovely roses during Valentine's day (which I took off and stayed home to run errands, clean house, etc.)

Mike got the garage all enclosed and the door totally installed and functional.  It is nice to park our (now clean) car INSIDE the garage!  But there has been no snow to "protect" it from since the garage has been completed.  We did have a baby rainstorm here last week, but it was not much.  We are still very much in a drought.

The tulip leaves started poking their heads out of the dirt in our front flower bed, so I've watered them a couple of times.  I am hoping for some good blooms this year.  Although, the dirt is kind of hard  and the leaves rather small, so the flowers will probably be small, too.  We tried to improve the soil a year or so ago and failed at that.

Eric leaves on his "adventure" at the end of this week.  Mike and I will be empty-nesters once more.  That has happened a time or two over the years.  It's not a great thing, particularly. I mean, it kind of is.  But kind of not.  I don't know yet. I'll have to experience it and let you know.

I took quite a bit of time off of work, off and on.  Half a day here, whole day there, a couple of hours here and there.  I'd like to say that my house is spic and span and all my projects are complete, but that is not the case.

I went to a couple of concerts, I visited with my local legislators at our state capitol, I drove my MIL to a funeral in Provo, spent the night with Nick and Kaylee once.  I did a short presentation for one of our library faculty, and walked through an art exhibit or two (just on campus).

I did some inconsistent exercising, signed up to be a guinea pig for an exercise assessment student project, as well as the on-going nutrition assessment student guinea pig.  I have not outgrown my love of chocolate, but tempered it with some delicious carrot cake I made with "rainbow" carrots...from the extras in an Bountiful Basket I got in February.
Grated Rainbow Carrots

I went to one basketball game with Mike,
 as well as the alumni party before hand (won a tee shirt!), and I did my visiting teaching--even taking a treat this time ( a rarity).  I sent some correspondence I've been meaning to do for ages (a couple of get-well cards and sympathy cards).  And I've touched base with a few old friends.  Missed getting with another.

We were playing "Minute to Win It" with Oreo cookies before the Basketball Game.
Yes, it's all about me. ha.  Me, me, me...I, I, I.  Us, Us, Us.
Mike and I at SUU basketball game.

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