Sunday, March 23, 2014

March Madness

No, I'm not really into basketball.  As a matter of fact, it's pretty amazing that I even know that March Madness has anything to DO with Basketball.  But sometimes I pay attention to what is going on around me.

I have been paying attention, and  the weather has been extremely dry lately.  Last weekend, I went to the backyard and distributed some organic matter across the dirt that will be our garden.  It was some compost and a LOT of grass clippings from last summer. I also trimmed  a LOT of limbs out of our two fruit trees.  The limbs are still laying all over the ground, but I will pick them up and pile them out front NEXT week to be hauled away by the city.  They offer a free spring clean up each year!  Isn't that a nice thing?  I truly enjoy saving a trip the dump. I mean, I like the dump and all....nah.   Pass.  They can pick it up in front of the house.  All I have to do is put it there.  I live in a great town, wonderful state and a fantastic country that provides us many freedoms and comforts.  I am not one to take stop signs and signal lights, police officers and firemen for granted!  Nope, I love this place.  I love to sleep peacefully at night, without fear.  There is much to be said for this wonderful place we live in. Even though I did sleep through our neighborhood caucuses the other night.  oops. I was tired.

I also spent a LOT of time cleaning out some flower beds the past 2 Saturdays.  I think I did a "Cryptoquote" from the newspaper that said in spring one should smell like dirt at the end of the day.  Well, I did! ha.  Happy Spring.  It is   SOOOOOooooo unusual to be able to be outside and digging in the earth so early.  It's only March.  I used to wish in years past to go out and play in the dirt, but then it'd snow or something on the Saturday we had it planned. We usually get our garden in by Mid May if we are lucky.  It helps that our former back-door neighbors lent us their nice roto-tiller to use while they are away at graduate school.  Gee, I miss those cute neighbors.  The renters are not nearly as fun, and have a yappy dog.  Our "real" neighbors (the ones who are away) took really good care of their yard and garden and inspired me. And we shared conversation, produce and greetings back and forth.  I have a feeling there won't be nearly so many raspberries to glean this year, darn it.  But I'll share my zucchini. :-)

I applied for some money from a fund at work to attend a conference this summer in Las Vegas.  It's for the AMERICAN Library Association conference.  They've never had that one in Las Vegas before, and I got the funding I applied for, so I get to go!!  Yay!  I'm so weird.  I really LIKE conferences.  I attended ALA only once before, and it was held in Washington DC that year.  To have it in Las Vegas is really convenient.  Only, there are no other ladies from my library interested in attending, save one. She is presenting (hooray for her!) but was recently diagnosed with a re-currance of her cancer (NOT yay for her!), so I really have no idea if she will be able to attend by the end of June or not.  I had so hoped to be roommates with her.  Delightful woman.  So sorry that she has to face that again. Her treatment course has yet to be determined, as diagnoses just took place over the last week or so. Plus some other, un-related surgery

Speaking of libraries, I have SOOOOoooo enjoyed having a fully staffed Circulation area this past year and a half.  Truly a blessing.  I've been able to take time off, use up my non-contract and vacation time, and just generally have coverage and can get stuff done.  I mean, really. It's been great.    I like my job.  And my student workers decorated the area with the most darling shamrocks this month!  Everywhere!  Dozens. I loved it.

Now comes the March Madness part:

Over the past few weeks, one librarian announced her retirement.  She and her husband are leaving on a mission in a few weeks.  She's in my ward and they spoke in church today (Janet and Keith Seegmiller).  One more person announced HIS retirement--he is the department chair/associate dean.   Yikes!  AND THEN, to top it all off, our dean announced HE is leaving at the end of June for a new job in Mississippi.  Three leaving. No leadership.  Interim dean to be appointed and very few qualified to choose from.  We're already short-handed in the faculty area, especially with the one female faculty being so seriously ill. Our poor stressed-out secretarial staff on that floor!  That's a lot of change in leadership.  A lot of search committees and very few people left to do the work, quite frankly.  Some of MY people covet the faculty position and will apply. I have no idea how that will fly and how that might affect my department.  I get to serve on one search committee, and I'm sure some of my staff will serve on others. It's going to be an interesting summer.  Glad we (Mike & I) don't have any major plans, like trips or anything.  We're just working around home, I believe.  Cleaning out sheds and yards and the like.

There are also two more of our faculty who are approaching retirement within the next two to three years, or less (one is already over 70 yrs).  How much change can one small department tolerate before we all collapse in a tearful heap?  Gee, I was so hoping to be retired and gone before all this sort of thing went on.  Alas, I have years to go before considering that. "And miles to go before I sleep..." Frost

But my tulips are budding, the peonies are popping up and the rhubarb is coming back.  Irises are taking over the back fence and daffodils are smiling out front.  What's not to be happy about?

Well, I do miss Eric sometimes. It's awfully quiet around here.  HE has been incredibly quiet!!

Does anyone have any good April Fool's jokes to share?


Donna said...

Are you going to apply for any of these positions?

Linda Liebhardt said...

I do not qualify for any of the positions. They are all faculty and administrative positions and I'm just lowly staff with no terminal degree. Which is fine by me! Although, I'd love the pay of a dean...but ONLY the pay.