Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Goin' Digital

Well, a little bit, anyway. It's so HARD!!

Above is a picture of my February Calendar. It's pretty dang full.  March looks much like that, too. January was not quite. And this calendar is the one I use on my tablet. (My tablet that is very dificult for me to type accurately on. I must have corrected a couple of dozen typos on this litle page!)

BUT--there's practically nothing on my paper planner calendars. Two items. That's it. It did take me a while to get my new planner refill this year... maybe that's what spurred me on.

I'm telling you, I am going with reluctance and great trepidation, and much dragging of my feet.  I debated long and hard whether or not to bring it (my planner) with me this past weekend while we went to Sal Lake. It is scarey to part ways with what has been my "brain" for, lo, these many years.

Either way, I still miss stuff. For instance, tomorow is Music Arts. I had no idea till Mike told me this evening. It didn't make it to my calendar. Either of them. ANY of them!

Paper or digital, it is tricky for me to stay on top of things.  It's a  balancing act and I get the feeling that it's hard to keep your balance while dragging your feet.

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Donna said...

Ah, welcome to the digital age. There are still times I miss the visual references of a written planner. It's easier in some respects and harder if you're wanting it fir historical reasons and reference points.