Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day weekend

Pictures first!
Yay for cute babies and new furniture and pretty flowers.
The big, pretty peonies are from my back yard.

We went to Salt Lake on Friday after i got off work a little early. Earlier, Mike had loaded his Mom's piano into the back of his truck, and we took off. Mike's Mom came,too.  I think it was to say goodbye to her piano (which seldom, if ever, was played...and is supposed to go to Katie when she is settled and wants it. I think we can consider this a very LONG term loan since Katie really quite loves her electric one.)  Berenice got to spend Friday night & all day Saturday with Gayela and her family and saw all the area kids and grands and great-grands.. Mike and I spent the weekend with Nick and Kaylee and little Rachel. She is growing and learning new things every day. And is very flexible. I have some other pictures on my (dumb) phone, but it doesnt talk to the tablet.

We got there too late on Friday to see Rachel, but she was up early on Saturday morning. She has not reached that shy or scared of strangers stage yet, so was happy to be held.

It took some doing to get the piano moved in, the bench repaired, it all polished up. And of course a  trip to Home Depot (or Lowes). It's a Father/son bonding thing, right?
A litle grocery shopping for Sunday Dinner....

And a NINTY-NINTH family birthday celebration for Kaylee's grandma Christensen on that Saturday afternoon!  We just dropped in with Nick and Kaylee to offer her our best wishes (and eat cake), they stayed for dinner, and Mike and I headed up to Providence, UT,  suburb of Logan. But first we stopped at WinCo to get our granola 😄

I shOuld mention that it rained and sprinkled on us most of the way to Salt Lake on Friday. And it rained STEADILY all day Saturday.  A L L  D A Y  L O N G.  It was not torrential, flooding rain, but the good, soaking kind that we so desparately need. It was not necessarily fun moving a piano into their house in the rain, but it was do-able.

In Logan, we got to see our friends, Randy and Kathy Douglas. Mike and Randy were mission companions. They live in Nauvoo, but only for a bit longer. All their children have moved west, so now they will, too. Their house is on the market ...and we never even got to go stay with them. Sad. The occasion of their visit to Utah was the last child's wedding and reception. We planned the piano-delivery weekend to correspond with that In hopes of seeing them, and we did have a fun little visit. It was a very INformal reception.  And we ate more cake!

We stopped in Brigham City on the way home for a bite of pizza, which is a little more like "real" food. We'd had friends over for dinner on Thursday in Cedar (Kunzler's) night who said if we were going up there, we MUST stop  at his brother's pizza place. So we did. And brought home cheesy breadsticks to go with Sunday dinner at Nick's.

Nick made us a really yummy Mother's Day breakfast. Home made breakfast sandwiches. Kaylee had made home made English muffins earlier in the week. Muffin-baked eggs with cheese and bacon.  Fresh fruit, juice, milk.  Yummy. AND the guys made dinner, too. Mike put pork chops and gravy with veģgies in the crock pot, and after church we had Gayela and Mom come over, too.

We headed back down to Cedar, but did stop in Provo to say hi to Robert and Janet. Sarah and Amanda were there, too. By this time, sthe stormy weather had passed, it was sunny and very gorgeous!

We even got home in time for me to watch "Once Upon A Time" If only I had remembered!! Duh. I do that more often than not, it seems.

Sunday night/Monday morning I came down with some kind of nasty flu bug or food poisoning or SOMETHING. Still recuperating today (Tuesday), but feeling soooo much better than before. It was the kind where you need to throw up but cant and camp out on the cold bathroom floor for hours. Waiting. icky stuff. Tody my tummy is pretty okay, though I didn't really eat much of anything. Headache-y. But no more fever or severe aches over every inch of  my body like yesterday. I slept away most of Monday, and have just rested today.  And it was WINDY outside!! Glad to be inside all day.

Tomorrow is another day. Back to work. But my Mother's day was very good. Very good, indeed. I am goinG to try and attach a picture of the quilt Kaylee finished for me. It is BEAUTIFUL. It has languished for over 20 years, waiting this day. Can you believe it?  It'big. See Nick's head on the right?


Donna said...

That quilt is huge! And beautiful!

Donna said...

Sorry you were icky Sunday I had the opposite issue and threw up in the process of fixing brunch...yuck. I had a sick headache all that day and Monday. Ick