Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spring Clean up

Our town does an annual spring clean up. If you pile it on the street during cerfain assigned days, they will haul away vast amounts of yard wastefor fRee. Last year, I did some clean up at my MIL's house, in her back yard, only I didn't get to do it until after the city had come by to pick up the yard waste. I just piled it in  the side yard, rather than haul it clear outto the dump. It would have been more than one load, I' m sure.
 We also had a huge snow storm on Mothers Day last year, and those branches hadn't been hauled away. There were quite few of those.

So thats what i did this rainy, dreary Saturday. I created a HUGE brush pile on the street to be hauled away by the city, hopefully on Monday. I hope nobody drives their car into it in the meantime. I have already moved it twice. I'm not gonna do it again.
(I even put the carcass of a little dead deer in the trash! Yes, it was definitely a clean up day. It [the dead deer] was mostly just bones and fur...but it was in her back yard! Ick)

I kind of wanted to just turn it into a burn pile, but it's not allowed in the city.  It would have brought back some memories from Texas days, back when Dad had us help him clear the land. I have looked at that property in Hooks on the street view of Google Maps. The woods came right up to our back yard fence when we moved there. There ae hardly any trees there at all now, comparatively speaking.

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Donna said...

Ah, I can relate to your pile, I am glad I just had to move ours once!! And super glad we had no dead critter to add to our pile. Ick is right!