Saturday, April 4, 2015

Conference Saturday April 2015

We enjoyed some gorgeous spring flowers this weekend. Love my tulips.

Caroline (and occasionly Jonathan) did Conference activities.

I made the mistake of sitting on the sofa in the basement to watch some Saturday sessions. Not good for my back AT ALL!! OUCH. Ibuprofen Sunday. And I spent all of Sunday conference by choice listening from the kitchen.

Mike and Robert chose to view the Priesthood session on our home computer. They managed to catch some March Madness there as well. I'm grateful Robert will make the sacrifice to come to our house to play, knowing that we dont have many tvs and many channels to watch.
 Janet bought us some cinnamon rolls for Sunday morning. I was too lazy to make them. But i did make the hot cocoa to go with them! And we had fruit.
 Oooh, and it appears that the Easter Bunny made it to our house, too! (eggs hiding around the piano and music stand)

That snake. Is it guarding its eggs?

Bunny cake. It was getting a little droopy in the warm kitchen, so waited out the afternoon in the cooler garage.( or maybe it was hiding from the snake?)

I thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions of conference. And it was lots of fun to play games with everyone--even if they DID make fun of me for spewing water everywhere when I started laughing too hard with my mouth full.

Robert told the funny story of when he was little and he was having trouble getting his dress pants undone. The pants had a trickier metal sliding hook, rather than the usual snap opening he was used to on his jeans.  Mom told Dad, "Help Robbie with his pants," and so Dad just grabbed the two sides of the waistband opening and went YANK, just like you would for a snap closure. Only it WASN'T a snap closure like he thought, and Dad said, "Oh. I guess that wasn't right," or something like that. And there stood Robert staring down at his ruined dress pants.  I wonder what Mom had to say? I didn't think to ask Robert on Saturday night because I was too busy spewing water across the table and trying hard not to choke. Don't know why that tickled me so much, but it did.


Donna said...

Please tell me that's a rubber snake in Gails hands!

Linda Liebhardt said...

Yes, our famous Disney Land rubber snake.