Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lake at the Hill

Or, "Lake O' the Hill"?  Like Land O' Lakes?
It was calm, pretty, sunny, and we rented kayaks!  Only I put the camera in the car rather than bring it out on the water with me, just in case we tipped over or something.  We splashed in the water a while while waiting for the kayak rental place to open at noon.  I did NOT get in above my knees!! Yikes, that water was freezing to me!! I'm so spoiled by Hawaiian waters, I suppose. And indoor heated pools. ha. But Jonny and Caroline enjoyed it and so did the other families where were there.

I rented a tandem kayak and Jonny and I took turns paddling it. Caroline got to paddle her own canoe and did very well. We didn't quite last the whole hour before our arms were tired and somebody had to take a bathroom break. So we were done.

Working the kids hard really helps them to eat better!  Who knew?! (Well, I did. I just forgot).  We gobbled up a nourishing lunch and then went out and washed the car!  What a productive day.

Not only THAT, I got my eyeglasses adjusted and tightened, worked for 5 hours and got a guest room all straightened up for company. Woo Hoo!

 A grandma makes a nice, fluffy, warm and willing pillow to lay on. :-)

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