Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday, June 10. All Aboard

We had breakfast in our hotel and then we were picked up at 7:30 a.m. by a travel agent representative and taken to the port of Piraus. It is a big and busy port, however, there was a strike at this time. It affected large luggage being brought on board and being delivered to rooms, but since we only had our two small, carry-on sized bags and a personal item, we just hauled it with us.

Lots of lines to get onto the ship.  Pictures, documentation, cards issued, scanned, etc. It is very thorough.

We checked out our little cabin. Cute little cabin, nothing to write about, and I honestly didnt even take a picture of it. Brown, small, and dimly lit. Good thing we planned only to sleep there. It was difficult to do any reading before bed because it was so dim. And we were too tired to read much anyway. I never did any journaling the whole time, either. That was very unlike the other places, where I caught up nightly with recording what our activites of the day were.  Sooooo, I hope I can remember the days okay with help from the photos I may or may not have taken!

We had to report to our assigned deck for a "muster drill" before departure. And then, instead of going back to return our life vests to the room, we stayed out and enjoued the views of the city and the port as we departed.

Honestly, I had to keep pinching myself! Am I really here? Sailing on the Mediterranean sea?!  Oh, it was as pretty as it was supposed to be. Blue, blue water, crisp clear skies. It was gorgeous. We sailed for hours to our first stop. We had lunch in the buffet. We found it to be okay, but the line was long, it seemed very hurried,and itnwas noisy and crowded.

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