Monday, October 24, 2016

Greece and Turkey

Check out the blue, blue water!  The gorgeous white homes and buildings!  The clear sky.  It was so pretty.  I'm sorry some of the photos are turned. I really enjoyed just wandering through the town of Mykonos. It was so quaint and cute.

They had a MARBLE fish cleaning station.  They had windmills. They had cactus plants and interesting flora. It's very dry and desert-like. I wandered around on my own, snapping photos and enjoying the views.  Mike sat around at the pretty little restaurants and tourist spots near the shore to wait for me because he didn't feel like walking anywhere. I hiked up and down the hill. I found hotels, and car rental places.  Small hotels and lots of ATV's were being used by tourists.  But regular people were sitting out on their porches, enjoying coffee together. Little kids were hopping up and down the stairs between homes on the tiny sidewalk/pathways.

This was the ONLY time either of us put our feet into the Mediterranean sea!!

The marble fish cleaning station.

The sidewalk cafes are so inviting.

The streets are just small. Some are really stones, some are concrete painted to look like stonework.

Archways are common between buildings.

Lots of stairs everywhere. It is good that Mike did NOT come walking with me!
This particular scene has become my computer wall paper on my desktop at work.

Rooftop views.

Greece has a LOT of churches.

Just walkin' around, snapping photos. Yards, gardens. Normal folks having normal lives.

That marble fish-cleaning station again, but this time from the other side.

Leaving Mykonos in the evening. It was so pretty.

I think this was the only time we saw our towels made into anything cute on our bed. We did not spend much time in our little cabin. At all. It was dark and tiny. And there was so much to see OUTSIDE the ship. Water, islands. Food to eat at meals.  We only slept at night, but that first time in our beds was kind of 'moving' with the motion of the ship.  However, we were tired and slept soundly.

Next stop: Ephsesus in Turkey.

Someday I will  enlarge these signs and see what they all say. :-)  I didn't take time to read them and my headphone set wasn't working so I couldn't hear our tour guide.

Lots of ruins.

Clay plumbing pipes!

Theaters, Roads, Temples, Houses.

This road (made of marble) was quite steep, going down hill. We had to be careful not to slip!

Check out this mosaic floor!!

Guess what this is?  A men's bath house/toilet room.  Truly. Toilets. With heated water running nearby to pre-heat the seats!!

In the background is the library of Ephesus.

And I am standing next to the very left pillar!  Look hard and you can see me. ;-)

A wide road leading to a theatre.

Then, after the tour of Ephesus, we went to learn about Turkish Rugs. And they tried to sell us some. We did not buy.

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