Monday, March 29, 2010

China Day 3, Leaving Beijing

Here is our little group as we are preparing to go to the airport to catch our flight out of Beijing to Shanghai. I think Suzette's picture turned out much better...but we haven't exchanged photos yet.
Here is the lobby of our hotel. It was a Crown Plaza, 5 star. We really enjoyed it.

Here is our room. See the glass window with blinds? That's our bathtub! There was also a shower (all glass) in the bathroom with a lot of reflective black marble on the wall, and mirrors, mirrors everywhere. I don't recall seeing myself quite so clearly before (kind of scary!). But it was very comfortable and they served delicious breakfasts in the morning. Tons of great food.
Our last night in Beijing (actually Day 2) we had our PEKING DUCK. This is a special treat and we'd postponed it to allow for one of our members to recover a little from her illness so she could join us. She did. They are pretty. And they tasted OK. But there's so much food! Always. They just stuffed us (to keep us fat, I think. So they could sell us more de-fatting herbs for our livers) ha. And it was really good. Again, I don't think to take picture of the pretty table before we have dug in and gobbled a lot of it up.
Oh, and this is a funny little story! [below] Judy (in green shirt on left) and Berenice ran into each other on the day before...the first day I think. They met, actually, in the men's restroom. I guess they both didn't look up to see which way the arrows were pointing and walked the WRONG way to find a couple of men washing their hands in the basins. So naturally, they left rapidly and laughed about together. But then, because Judy and her group was also on a Chamber of Commerce tour, they were going the same places we were and we ran into them EVERYWHERE! It just really tickled Berenice and she delighted in telling people how they had met. So watch for pictures of Judy. This is about the second time they've run into each other since the initial meeting. Judy's from Massachusetts. They exchanged addresses and MAY run into each other this summer, too!


Donna said...

Love Bernice in the purple royalty chair... funny story about the other lady too....

Hali said...

Love it! All of it.

Thank you for the fascinating read during class :-).

Suzanne said...

Good thing the men were only washing their hands!