Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Great Wall pictures

If you look closely at the one above, I think you can see two ridges of the wall. And on the one below, too. That's our photographer. I don't recall her name, but she was a videographer and they sold us a video of our two days in Beijing. Berenice bought one. I've viewed it. It's a nice document of where we were. Well, it's just a great document of the fact that we were THERE! It still seems rather like a dream. Notice all the bus parking and many buildings in the area below where we walked up from.

Every brick that was over a hole (drainage?) in the wall had this decoration in them.
And, yes. They were steep. And icy. I think that's the fellows on the roof having a grand ol' time.


Donna said...

what I find the most interesting is the wear on the stones of the steps! What a show of wear and age!

Suzanne said...

Holy moly that IS steep! I know it was icy, but aren't you glad it was cold hiking that thing rather than hot? It must have been amazing!