Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 2, Part 3, continued

More shots of the Forbidden City. Below is a very gnarley tree. It's still alive. It's in the garden part of the Forbidden City/Royal Palace. The OTHER part of the compound has absolutely NO shrubbery or growth at all. And it has very tall walls in order to discourage anyone who might want to try to assassinate the emperor. There's nothing to hide behind if they got over the walls.

So after seeing all these scenes in the Forbidden City, all of us wanted to go home and watch the movie, "The Last Emperor." Myself included. Gail has it now on her list of instant views on Netflix, so I'll be doing that sometime in the future while this is still fresh on my mind. I have a hard time believing that the Chinese government would allow film makers into their Royal Palace, so it'll be interesting to see the sets they must have had to make! Maybe. I'll have a film review later. ;-)
I belive this is an incense burner. Bronze. Big.
Here's the description of the "Large Stone Carving." What an original title, no? ! ha. But they also made ICE ROADS to slide the stone along to get it to it's home in the palace. That was during the winter. During the not-so-cold months, our guide said they rolled it over logs as a mode of transportation. It's one big stone. Really.

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