Saturday, April 30, 2011

Random April Photos for your viewing pleasure...

With a little narration along the way. Above. Look on Hayden's plate. It's the Muffin Man!

The finished product of our egg-dying the Friday before Easter. I don't know who sorted them by color in the carton. Not I!
I picked these from our back yard one morning before it snowed later in the day. I'm glad I did. They grow way back in the corner, so I would never see them unless in the yard. And when it is snowing, I just don't go play in the yard. Much.
We had a nice visit from Andrew, Christine and their family. They live in Wyoming and have three cute kids. Andrew is Mike's nephew.

So we enjoyed dinner together before they went on their way to St. George for Spring Break with Andrew's sister and family.
One nice WARM day (they really vary a lot!), Mike and Jonathan wen out to do some yard work.

Caroline lent a hand, as well, and they dumped the leaves on our garden plot. It's all plowed now, and ready to plant. Now, if it would just stop freezing and snowing!

These are the cute little jonquils by the back wall. Don't they look happy?
Grape hyacinth. They are natives to the yard. Lest you think we only have good stuff, see below.
I guess Dandylions are good--for salads! ha
And then, we had the visit from Katie and the boys. Here are some other shots. Blue berry pancakes for breakfast. It was still April, but there were no paper towels in them this time ;-)
Hayden is taking the snake for a walk through the kitchen. He really does have a ribbon tied around the rubber snake's neck. It's a VERY popular toy, I'm telling you!
Katie and Seth celebrating their birthdays sometime AROUND April 15. The 62 on the cake represents their combined years. Katie is 29, Seth 33. And the cake was German Chocolate! mmmmm. Dinner was good, too.
Except for this very odd character of a carrot stick I found in the bag. We think it looks like a vulture head. How about you?
Dying eggs.
This is what Katie and Corbin were doing while we were dying eggs in the kitchen. Motherhood is tough. ZZZzzzzz (I made the blankie they're snuggled under -- it's soft flannel and very cuddly)

Gail and the kids. Everybody wants to hold Corbin!

Just today, April 30. Jonathan and I were out in the back yard. It was BITTER COLD, but sunny. He's helping us rotate the composter here. There is a peach tree in the far back corner of the yard--covered in a tarp because we're attempting to save some fruit. Why bother? They will be all frozen. It's so cold here. Cherries, Pears, Apples, Apricots, Peaches. All in bloom now or were earlier, and most will not survive the freezes this year. Again.
Lest you think all my flowers are pretty . . .oh, wait, I already said that. Well, THIS (below) is the flower bed that all those cute little jonquils were smiling up from earlier in the month. Now the weeds have taken over and it's gettin' ugly out there!!!

Apple blossom buds. Soon to be frozen apple blossom buds. Note the little red and yellow car in the background on the lawn? Jonathan and I were "offroading" in the back yard! ha. Just a diversion from the carport and driveway where his dad was working on some brakes.

Happy Spring. Or winter, or whatever it is.

P.S. I braved the cold this morning and did a 5 K "Fun Run" [an oxymoron if ever there was one] and wore THREE layers of clothing on my legs. I finished in about the same time as every other time I've done it. This is probably the 4th or 5th time I've done that run and they changed the venue this year! We ran up the Canyon trail and back to the ball parks instead of around the campus. Brrrr. They didn't start until 10 a.m., but still. 40 degrees plus a windchill. Doesn't that make it in the 30's at least? I will treasure my sweatshirt, medal and t-shirt forever. ha! The sweatshirt (too small for me ) went to Caroline. The t-shirt (too big for me) went to Mike. The Medal will live in my dresser drawer with the others.


Donna said...

Such fun you have had and good for you braving the cold and the run!

Suzanne said...

How in the world did you get those eggs so bright? Ours always turn out pastel. Maybe we don't leave them in long enough.
Your tulips are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Tandy said...

Did you know that daffodils are my FAVORITE flower?? They are! And I HATE that snake that all your grandkids LOVE! Hate it! But you already knew that, huh? Which is what makes it so fun for my kids!