Saturday, April 9, 2011

Zion National Park

The Grandmas at Zion with Little Liebhardt's.

Pam and Tandy invited me to come with them on April 5 on a visit to Zion National Park. Pam hadn't been for ages, Tandy for a short age, and I'd just been in January or so with Nick. It's always lovely.
The leaves still hadn't come out, but the water was flowing. The above photo is at Weeping Rock. The water fall was flowing quite hard.

Below is Ella. We're playing under the foot bridge to the trail for Weeping Rock. Braeden caught a lizard while we were playing and resting here. It was such a gorgeous day!

Ella and Grandma Linda

Below is a waterfall on the way to the mouth of the Narrows. We rode the tram into the park and got off first at the Weeping Rock trail. Then we got off at the trail head to the mouth of the Narrows and went on the River Walk trail. We saw squirrels. Tandy will have MANY more pictures posted on her blog really soon, I'm sure. :-) So, stayed tuned!
Gorgeous, huge, cascading waterfall

I left in such a hurry from my house to get down to Kanarraville that I forgot my phone, AND my camera. I remembered water.
These little kids are such troopers. They really enjoyed their time there, and so did I. It was really nice of my co-worker to man the desk so I could take off an just go.
Above is Braeden (yellow shirt) and Ella and Lexi. We are at the end of the River Walk trail and the head of the Narrows. OR the END of the Narrows hike, depending on where you start. I am lucky enough to have hiked the Zion Narrows twice in my life. It's a grueling hike. I was much younger then. This day, the water was really rushing by. Lots of snow melt and the water was icy.
Ella being Lugged by Linda

Feet turned "insta-red" as Tandy put it, when kids put their feet in. Much different than the California waters they must be used to. And they got very tired of stepping on nothing but rocks, so when we moved to a different spot, I just picked up Ella to TAKE her there--you know, to save the pain on her poor little feet. But, alas, my hands were full, so this was the best I could do to transport her from point A to point B. It worked.
There was a little area that was away from the main body of water that looped around a big boulder and island, so the kids helped build a dam with rocks.
We stayed a long time. Feet were frozen, Braeden smashed his finger. It bled, so we traveled back down the trail to Grandma Pam. She hadn't made it all the way to the end due to her sore and stiff ankle.

Below is the big boulder that I had my picture taken next to some thirty something years ago when I first hiked the Narrows with Jimmy Akpan from Nigeria and David Cooper. The rock used to have a sign on it saying Zion's Narrows or something. I'll have to find the picture and insert it in the blog here some day. [Yeah, right. Like I could find a 30-year old picture. I don't even know where to look. And even if I could find it, who's to say I'd know how to scan and save it??? be techno-challenged.]
After we left the park, we drove the car through the tunnels. No pictures of that. And after the tunnels came Springdale, UT and the ROCK SHOPS. Lexi loves rocks, so we stopped to browse and ended up letting the kids "pan" for treasures of rocks and stuff at this little place. It was a fun little adventure for them.
Ta Da! I found it, scanned it, saved it AND linked it!! Go Linda!!! :-D August 4, 1974
I hung onto that walking stick for YEARS! Fond memories.

Hmmm, looks like I posted the picture with the shop's owner as he was demonstrating what to do. Braeden's head is right behind him in the photo. Ella was sleeping in the car and Pam was with her. And, of course, Tandy was taking the photos! I managed to snap a couple of Tandy here and there while we were in Zion, so there might be a few of Tandy on her blog when she posts them. I hope so! It is kind of unusual to have ourselves in our blogs, huh?

It was a fun day at Zion. We at at a Pizza and Noodle restaurant in Springdale and I wasn't home from my adventure until 8 pm! What a fun day we had. Thanks, Tandy and Pam, for inviting me!!


Suzanne said...

I want to go there! Looks like a lot of fun.

Hali said...

I miss being so close to Zion :-(. Glad you had a fun trip!