Monday, April 4, 2011

A voracious sofa

We have a lovely sofa, a member of the family practically. It's been in the family a long time. Mike's grandpa made it, we've re-upholstered it twice. It's great for napping on. Not so great for getting OUT of, because it's deep. So, settle in and enjoy it.

But it has a voracious appetite. I was hoping that one of the things it might have most recently consumed was Angie's missing phone. So I started digging into the deep recesses of the cushions.

This is a sad commentary on my lack of house keeping skills. "Out of sight, out of mind" works well for me, and well, under the couch cushions is very much OUT of SIGHT! I have not cleaned out the couch in a very long time and it shows.

Sorry, Donna--no phone.

But I DID find the following: (disgusting, huh?)

One CD in case
1 cardboard sock label
1 sports bottle straw
1 red rudder to an old water toy (I think)
1 handheld Yahtzee video game (with batteries, still running)
1 pair white anklet socks (probably Caroline's)
1 packaged free sample Shout color catcher sheet
1 UNO card (a red 3)
1 blue plastic wave from a Happy Meal toy
1 water balloon filler hose cap
1 propeller from a hand-held battery-operated fan
1 tube lip balm
1 plastic screw driver from toy tool belt
1 one-foot strip of blue label-maker tape
1 refrigerator magnet for Rotor Rooter, one other small one with the word "good" on it
1 piggy bank plug
1 wrapper for a set of foam ear plugs (but no ear plugs)
1 Milk Duds, 1 Nestles Crunch, 1Nerds, 1 Reeses Peanut butter mini candies wrapper; One See's mint wrapper
1 Ice Monkey
1 beaded necklace, initial "C"
8 pencils, 1 pen, four crayons
2 hair elastics, 3 bobby pins, 1 barrett
1 Silly Band, dog-shaped
2 rubber bands, one broken
1 safety pin
1 used bandaid
1 quarter, 1 nickle, 1 penny


Donna said...

LOVE it!

Gail said...

So that's what that bag of stuff was that Caroline brought home today! Sad that most of what was in the sofa was hers... including the candy wrappers and probably the band-aid.

Karen Green said...

I'm still sitting here laughing.... you crack me up, Girlfriend! ;-)

Suzanne said...

That is so serious treasure!