Saturday, October 29, 2011

Frankenstein and Halloween

Hello. Meet Frank.

This little Frankenstein paper Halloween decoration is very old. My mom sent it to us when we lived in Hawaii and the kids were young ("Nigh unto twenty years ago...") . Really! Every year, I'd carefully fold him back up, accordian style, paper clip the arms and and body and legs in place so he wouldn't come unfurled until next year. And then we'd hang him up again. Thrifty? Cheap? I dunno. I just liked it. I don't have a ton of fall or Halloween decos (which is just fine with me), so something that's not a pumpkin or fall leaves is kind of nice.
Happy Halloween, Frank! Again.
Eric, posing with (or AS) Frank.
I think they must be close to the same age...

This is the extent of my Halloween costume on Monday. I put "crackle" top coat on my nails. It lasted all of two days, until I spent Wednesday evening bottling applesauce until midnight. Wasn't much left of them by then. But it was kind of fun while it lasted.


Suzanne said...

He's in excellent condition! You've done good. :)

Linda Liebhardt said...

Which one? Eric or Frank?

Anonymous said...

I love your Frank. And Eric too. :-). Your answer to Suz's comment made me laugh.
Aunt T

Donna said...

ok, why does Frankie have vampire teeth - he's a bit confused!!