Saturday, October 29, 2011

Leafy fun

This little guy is FAST. Either that, or I don't know how to use my camera. (It's the latter.)
Thanks for raking up my leaves!!
This is blurry, but isn't he cute?
It was getting cold and dark when they came by on Thursday afternoon to play in the leaves. But that didn't stop us. It was twilight. There was plenty of light to see to play--just not for me to take good pictures.
So, they tried another day! Friday (yesterday) afternoon, Gail and the kids came by and they raked and raked and raked. Well, Gail did! The kids just played in them...which was the point, after all.
One pile from just one section of lawn. One of the two trees is totally bare, and the other is 3/4 done shedding.

While Gail was raking, she found a toy (an old, real one, actually) that belongs to Jonathan. Wasn't he thrilled to find this again. The boy loves his buttons and electronics. This one doesn't work, but he didn't seem to care. He just chats away on the phone anyway.

One cleared lawn, and one BIG pile o' leaves.

Oh, in other news, Eric painted an "accent wall" in his bedroom. It is green, lighter green, and gold. The heater duct is gold, as is the baseboard along this one wall.
He used the feather duster technique. It's unique and quite nice. I have fabric (from my stash) picked out to complement the colors for a bedspread/quilt top for that room. Know any simple quilt patterns I could use easily to piece it together?

Oh, lets see! One more picture of leaves, this time with ME in it. Yay for Fall and leaf piles to play in!!