Monday, October 3, 2011

He's BAAAaaack!!

Eric arrived home late on Wednesday night, September 28th, from the Washington DC North Mission. He was honorably released by our Stake President on Thursday morning, then Friday, he and Mike left for Salt Lake so Eric could attend a mission reunion with his first mission president. Mike and Nick met up to view the BYU football game on a TV in a sports grill restaurant and they ALL came home to Cedar that night late. Tandy and their kids were here from California, too! Gail and her family were here, too! Mike's sister, Gayela, came from Salt Lake on Saturday, so it was a very busy and active Conference Weekend at my house!

Welcome home, Eric!!! It's good to have you back.

He's getting registered for classes at SUU for the coming Spring Semester in January 2012, he's getting bicycle transportation arranged, he's trying to get things organized in his room. I think we moved his stuff around twice while he was gone, so it's kind of all over the place. He's adjusting well, I think. It's nice to hear the piano being played again. He is much improved. And he's still Eric. He is still singing all the time and is his happy self. And he's looking for work. If you have any suggestions, send them his way.


Lynae Nae said...

yay! so glad he made it home safely :) you'll have to tell him hello from me! can't wait to see him

Suzanne said...

So exciting to have him back! What a blessing...all safe and sound. Hopefully he will come to the Christmas get together so he call share all his stories. :)