Monday, April 16, 2012

2012 Spring Fling

Yes, we did go to California for the Sorensen family Spring Fling. But first, we went to Las Vegas and crashed the Spring Break Vacation for Robert and Janet's family. They'd been there since Sunday, just relaxing and playing. We left Cedar Friday after work and got there in time to play some games in the evening with Sarah and Mandy and Robert and Janet. It was Sarah's 16th birthday! So we got cake and ice cream, too.

And Eric's just plain silly, getting ready to go to bed that evening. The following morning, we all went out to eat a the "Original Pancake House" restaurant. It was pretty good and still just as popular as it was when we ate out during "All Girl's Weekend" in the past. I love breakfast foods. We drove straight to Yucaipa, where Ken and Jeri hosted the get-together. There was no group photo taken, but I could name everyone there.

Here's me and my mommy:
Below is Aunt Maureen (seated), Mom, Aunt Tuny
Gina and Mary are puzzling over "Quiddler." Hey! That's what we played with Robert's family the night before!
In the kitchen we have our host, Ken, Uncle Gary, Kenny K....
And then there's Kenny K with Aunt Jean and Aunt Tuny.

Here's another group in the living room. and I don't know how to make it quit underlining. Left to right: Ella and Tandy, Suzie, Mary, Brenda, Kirk.

Another episode of Damian making a weird face for the camera. With Tandy and Eric.
Braeden's playing baseball in the back yard. They have apricots as big as, well, apricots! on their tree already. Small apricots. We have frozen blossoms all over our town!
Our hostess Jeri, Steve, Cousin Randy
Lexi's head with Devin pitching to Braeden
Braeden is just chillin' in the living room
Back at Damian's and Tandy's on Sunday, we just had to see how far Braeden could really whack the tennis balls down the street, so we went out after church. Tandy came out to pitch. Only she was in the midst of fixing dinner for us, and handed Eric that HUGE knife! He looked just a little threatening. ha.

Oops. One more out of order. Lexi and Avery at the get-together.

We're really glad we went! It was fun to see and visit with Everyone. Ken and Jeri are great hosts and their home is lovely. The food was delicious. Same with Damian and Tandy while we were there. Thanks, everyone!!

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Suzanne said...

Fun times! Just fyi, Jeri is with a J. ;)