Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Visit to the Farm

 I have a really sweet co-worker who lives on a farm.  They raise mostly sheep for wool and meat.  She's open to having visitors, so that's what I did with the "in-town" grandkids on Friday afternoon.
 We met their horse.  J's a little confused about what animal does what command.  He told the horse to "SIT!"  Or, perhaps the horse just seemed a bit large to him.
 They have many cows.  That was a surprise to me. I thought they just had one milk cow.  One young calf chased a chicken across the pen.  The kids thought that was pretty funny to see a chicken squawking and flapping around to get out of the way of the playful calf.
 I mostly came to see the baby lambs, and they were nice enough to give the kids a bottle to feed the tiny little dogie lambs.  Awwww, how cute!
 Peek-a-boo, I see you!
We also watched the chickens, petted the dog, collected two eggs from the chicken house and petted one of the calves.  It was an eventful afternoon!  Thanks to  Susan and her sister (the one in the pictures is Susan's sister, Carolyn).

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Looks like such fun!,